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    I know that not everyone here is an expert on the subject. But I have a TomTom 730 and it has a lot of BT features that I can not use with my 755. I can us the speaker phone function. But I can not transfer my phonebook. The TomTom also has the feature to display any sms messages that come in while connected on the GPS screen, which could be very handy, but it does not work at all. I am also supposed to be able to use my phone's data connection to download traffic info for the gps, but can't because verizon is greedy as the devil.
    I know that I will be able to continue to use the device as a speaker phone, but want to know if any of the other features don't currently work because I'm only using a BT 1.0 radio. Will the upgrade to the newer BT allow me to transpher my phonebook? How about seeing my incoming sms. I know it's probably to late for them to integrate new software, or change to OS to comply, and they might have to work a lot with TomTom. But seriously ... how cool would it be to have all of those features actually work.

    Any thoughts on what might work. Or am I just dreaming?
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    I guess no one here can say for sure whether the Pre will work with your TomTom as intended, but I can tell you that technology exists. My dad uses a TomTom and has it tethered to his Motorola Q9. All the features you mentioned work perfectly. (Actually, I can't speak for the SMS portion since he rarely receives SMS messages), however I see him talking through it and dialing contacts on a regular basis.

    To sum it up, yes it can work, but if anyone tells you that "for sure it will work with the Pre," you're getting snowed. However I would speculate that if Motorola can do it, so can Palm.
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    Well seeing as you have VZW, most likely they disabled some BT profiles (as they usually do) plus also the fact that the Palm Treos don't support a lot of BT profiles as well in comparison to say Motorola/Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Siemens e.t.c phones.

    As for the Pre, Palm better not gimp the BT profiles.
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    I think that is what I'm asking. How many of my issues, really my phonebook, and sms (I know for a fact that the data connection is cauase Verizon wants my $), are due to palms BT radio or software? i'm sure that having newer hardware will work, but how much of it is actually having the programers write this into the OS?

    By the way I would also love to be able to listen to my MP3s through the GPS too. if I can controll the Pre's music player through the unit, and listen to the music with the onboard fm transmitter then the two devices should be bundeled together as would be a match made in heaven!
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    Unfortunately, any new phone takes months to work with TomTom because they take so long to add them to their compatibility list.

    I'm still waiting for the Treo Pro to be added. TomTom support can't even confirm that it will be, though most phones are eventually. Come to think of it, TomTom support can rarely confirm anything at all.....
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    I've had the ssame issue with my GO730 and Sprint 755P. The tech support people at TomTom really suck. The odd thing is, when I got the TomTom, I connected with my 755P AND HAD TRAFFIC downloaded. it was free for a month, but then cancelled. When i bought the subscription, they said it wouldn't work on my phone. I told them it already had worked, but the tech guy was just an *****. When I select TomTom Traffic' on the gps it says 'not supported'. If it worked before, it should work again. I thought maybe if I found a 'compatible' phone, I could activate the traffic then use it on my Treo. I tried my Blackberry 8700, and even THAT was 'incompatible'!

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