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    Very rarely do you come across a smartphone that is free. Most networks offer bar/flip phones for free. Unless the smartphone was refurbished.
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    "With the exception of Hong Kong that is. Apple has now started selling official, unlocked iPhone 3G handsets in its online store, allowing Chinese customers the opportunity to pick their favourite network and get full use of the handset and all its official functions no matter which carrier they choose."

    Apple selling official, unlocked iPhone 3G | T3 magazine
    I didn't know that ttcoupe.
    Tks for the info.

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttcoupe View Post
    In US many phones are similarly free. It seems that the customer is more willing to take the deal if the up-front cost is lower. Also, the customer thinks that the price difference between $100 (subsidized) phone and $200 (subsidized) phone is large, but the 100% difference is caused by the subsidy model of pricing.

    Cloud usage model of Pre requires quite expensive plans, I suppose. Why not use the above mentioned customer "stupidity" to the fullest and make the handset free and the plans expensive. Sprint would of course pay Palm the price of the handset and Palm would not necessarily need to sell any extra units. But would it?
    It has always amazed me how many people make their phone decisions based so heavily, if not solely on price. They don't even think about the extra 5 or 10 bucks they are spending a month on their new plan, or the fact that they just locked into 2 years of service with an early termination fee.

    Although I think the carriers also know that smartphone users are somewhat more concerned with the device and features so they can charge them something when they purchase the phone.

    It would be great if the carriers said just sign up with us for 2 years and we will give you a check for $200 and go spend it on whatever you want, then you wouldn't be limited by their arrangements, but that won't happen because manufacturers sell devices based on carrier subisdies and carrier exclusive agreements....
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