View Poll Results: How much are you willing to pay for your Palm Pre?

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  • Whatever it takes!! (up to $599.99)

    16 24.24%
  • Sprint better give me something ($75 or $150 off unsubsidized price)

    12 18.18%
  • I better get the New Customer Price!! (est. $229??)

    37 56.06%
  • Only if they give it to me... for free!!

    1 1.52%
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    I have four phones sharing a 2500 minute plan, nights and weekends starting at six, BIS on my Blackberry 8330 (oh the shame...but my 700p was dying a slow death), 500 text messages plus data on the other phones, insurance on all. I pay about $155 after taxes (not counting my two data cards.)

    I'm a very happy camper and can't wait to pay full price for my Pre!
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    I don't care... I am buying at for my youngest bro... to support a PALM device, then I'll get to try it out... lol
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    $250 after contract. In this economy, I think that's the price ceiling otherwise a lot of people are probably going to hold off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lugose View Post
    I'd pay up to $249 for it, but I'm not paying more than a new user. My contract is up and since I've swapped phones due to issues beyond my control (didn't buy it from sprint), they say I won't get my discount for another year.
    Same here, but I think that if it is over $199 they will have no chance at even touching the iPhone profit. Should be $99
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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