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    I'm really looking forward to the Pre.

    But the other day it struck me; We use use stupid special letters in Denmark; , and ( / / ).

    How do you reckon the Pre will handle that, keyboard and software wise ?

    I know HTC have shift+somekey to type danish characters, and that some HP and SonyEricsson have a real danish keyboard.

    The ideal would be a danish keyboard, but I'm not too sure that will happen. If it could just swap these letters in, and let you type a, o and a instead that would be great too.
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    I'd guess that it would work the same as the HTC you're talking about. Just like every other special character, there's a shift + somekey association for it. If this is included then I'm sure thats how it will work, otherwise, I'm sure some third party developers will be able to come up with something to fit your needs.
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    Hm, on Palm OS this is handled by the Alt-key, the Pre keyboard doesn't seem to have one of those, but perhaps the "Sym" key has the same purpose?
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