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    I happened to be looking at engadget this morning and saw a VERY long article with an in depth analysis of the potential legal battle. I haven't read it all yet, but it sounds very technically interesting.
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    Very great & interesting read. I'm anxious to see what happens next.
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    seems from that article palm has much firmer legal ground to stand on.... and they could remove both of apples "patents" pretty easily where apple would be screwed if they lost.
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    Nice find. Though I still don't see the pre violating the first patent. See the Cypress Technology patent application that explains how they differentiate between motion gestures and drag gestures.
    The second patent with the "springback" The Pre clearly does a similar behavior in the picture viewing app. They definately might be in trouble there. They would have to implement it in a completely different manner for instance it's springs back regardless of whether the object (in this case a finger) is no longer detected on or near the touchscreen. Apples spring back feature appears to require that the spring back occur only after the object is no longer detected on or near the touchscreen.

    The patent also contains other behaviors besides spring back. It aslo covers rotation and pinch zoom. both of which appear to require the detection of the end of the gesture before the act takes place. So if the Pre magnifies and rotates while the gesture is still being detected it probably won't violate this part of the patent.
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