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    You don't know if you're indicative of the general population. And people really need to stop making assumptions of how people do or should use their phones. I'm active on a couple deal sites and have been in quite a few 8gb microSD threads with a majority of the people using them in their phones and wishing prices would drop on 16gb cards. Cowon, Creative and Sandisk all make small big gig flash players with expandable memory. Many buy 8 & 16gb versions with 8gb cards. I know no less than 10 people with dumbphones with 8gb cards that have them filled with music, photos and some vids. Granted a few of them only have 8gb cards because I showed them where to get them cheap and wouldb't have thought about it otherwise as they're still expensive at B&M stores. You can also go on sites where people have bought 8 & 16gb cards. Some show other things people have bought who have bought those cards. A lot of the items are phone accessories which is more indicative of how people use their phones than some of our opinions here.

    I know about five people that have iphones and are tapped out at 8gb or have over 8gb used on their 16gb.

    If people have the capacity they will make use of it. If the interface is easy to use, they will use a standalone player less because it's one less thing to carry.

    And that hasn't even ventured into work files (office files, pdf's) additional programs, ebooks, bible programs and other things people use that are memory intensive.
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    I guess I'm bad at searching because I didn't spot this thread before starting a new one... whoops

    All this being said, since the Pre is the first of many webOS phones, I fully expect a 16GB version to come out in about a year or so- people that will have filled up their 8GB Pre by then can upgrade to it. More likely, there will be a newer, better webOS phone to upgrade to anyway...
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