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    Obviously this is like jumping into a lions den but just wanted to clue some people in to a community site I've started dedicated solely to the Palm Pre. My aim is to have a fully functional support community for when the phone actually does come out. Anyone is welcome to join and contribute. Anyone who wishes to write or moderate can PM me. I'm not asking you to abandon the super useful treocentral but just check out my new site. Updates are happening all the time so check back often. Any suggestions or ideas are also welcome as I've never done this before. So without further delay, check out Thanks.
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    site looks nice ... my brother is a big fan of wordpress sites. Though as a loyal treocentral fan it's too bad you just didn;t join the smartphones staff.

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    Site looks great and love the face that you can digg/fb the article. But have been here for years... i'll bookmark, but i try not to bring other peoples food into a restaurant.
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    Now be sure you have a thread on your site that says to go here for another Pre site:
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMG View Post
    Now be sure you have a thread on your site that says to go here for another Pre site:

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    Hey thanks for even taking a look! That's more than I really could have hoped for.
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    Also if you have any news thats not posted over here.. i'm sure they would link to your story.
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    Yeah if I ever write an article of my own. I've been gathering other articles to a central location right now. Thanks for the advice.

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