View Poll Results: How many of you are Sprint/Palm users upgrading, and how many are changing over?

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  • I am changing platforms but I am with Sprint

    18 17.48%
  • I am changing platforms and carrier

    10 9.71%
  • I already have a Treo and am already with Sprint so I am just upgrading

    75 72.82%
  • This is my first cell phone

    0 0%
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    Just curious how much an impact this phone might really have. Personally, I am a Sprint user with a Windows Mobile phone, and I'll be switching to the Palm universe. I have never had a Palm phone before, eventhough I considered one when Sprint finally put Sprint TV on one of the Treos.

    I have always been tempted by the iPhone, but I hate AT&T's plans and love the Sprint Simply Everything plan which is why I am staying with Sprint.
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    I think you need to add another bullet:
    Have Treo now but dont think Pre is good enough, will pass
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    I've personally had Treos for a long time, the 600, the 700p, the 755p, but last year I switched to a Windows Mobile Standard Motorola q9c, and I'm happy to be moving back to Palm as soon as the Pre is released, of course barring any huge issues that we don't know about.
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    I just signed a 2 year contract with tmo bc of the lame g1 which was a big mistake but somehow i am switching to sprint for the pre.
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    Hmm...yeah I forgot that poll question, I can't edit it anymore, can I?
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    I've used treo since the 650 but this pre is looking very impressive! I'm staying with sprint and that's final! lol
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    I answered that I have a Treo, though technically I have a Centro in the Palm these days .
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Hmm...yeah I forgot that poll question, I can't edit it anymore, can I?
    Just ask a Mod to edit it for you if you cannot.
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    Unless I misunderstand the poll, this is geared toward people that plan on getting the Pre so the poll responses seem appropriate.
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    I have a Sprint Centro but I'm not sure I'm upgrading.
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    Since I want to vote with my money (to support PALM)... I shall buy my younger brother the Pre (who is already on Sprint) and there's a good chance that my other brother also buys a Pre (though I am almost tempted to tell him to wait until they release a 16gb version... since there is no MicroSDHC option... I believe they will go the iPhone route and release newer phones with more memory... he is in no hurry to upgrade.)

    If there were an unlocked, unbranded GSM version, I'd buy it in a heartbeat...
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    I currently have a Treo 800w which doesn't excite me anymore. I can't wait for the pre to come out to rid me of Windows Mobile!
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    I'd think anyone buying the Pre would be "switching platforms" because it's not like WebOS is the same as the Palm OS. I, as a Palm OS user, will be just as new to the Pre/WebOS environment as a Windows Mobile user.
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    I am on T-Mobile & use a Treo 680. I plan on switching to Sprint & getting the Pre.
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    I have had a Treo 600, 700p, and now 800w with Sprint, so I will be keeping in tradition and getting another Palm device. And for as much crap as Sprint gets from everyone in the blog-o-sphere, I LOVE the price I pay for data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    I think you need to add another bullet:
    Have Treo now but dont think Pre is good enough, will pass
    And another:

    "Have a Treo/Centro and find the Pre interesting, but not interesting enough to switch to Sprint"
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    Hm...yeah, that was bad wording in the poll on my part. But in this case, I guess by platform, I meant people that have a Treo and going to the Pre, meaning, current Palm users.
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    The other thing is, I just pulled out my 755p to try and sell it because its taking up room, and so I charged it and updated it to the newest firmware, and in many ways, wow, I forgot how much I missed Palms. Can't wait to switch back to them again.
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    I own a 755P and with Sprint and thus I'm upgrading. Thank goodness those AT&T prices are expensive else I would have jumped ship for the iPhone.
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    I'm sticking with my 800w for now...probably wait until 2nd gen Pre before I upgrade...
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