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    Are you disappointed if Pre only does some simple two finger gesturing and if it's hardware does not support complex multi-finger gestures?
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    Such as? I've not owned any multi-touch system before, so I'll probably be happy with whatever, as long as it works well and is fairly intuitive. I can't imagine more complex multi-touch than what I've already heard about on Pre and iPhone.
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    I never use TouchFlo - disabled on my Touch Pro on the 2nd day.
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    All I need is the pinch and swipe. I'm happy with that and don't see a need for anything else.
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    Same here. The multitouch gestures like the pinch/zoom are neat...But I wouldn't mind if they were not included.
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    I'm happy as long as it doesn't require multi touch gestures to be used.
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    Hm...not really...I mean what else do you want to do with it as far as gestures besides what they give you already. Complex gestures could lead to a frustrating user want it to be simple so it's fun and efficient to navigate around the phone. If you have an UI that requires you to twist your fingers into a pretzel or requires you to put the phone on a table to use two hands for complex gestures, then you won't find a huge buyer market for that phone.

    That said....there could always be cool apps for games or other stuff that may require four finger touch that might later be supported, like that flute game you can get for the iPhone. But for now, I think they did right.
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    Using the iphone, i don't pinch or do any of that. Most of it is double taps which sizes up the page pretty well to the screen.
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    I'd really need an example of a complex gesture and what it'd be for. One thing I would love, after messing around with my cousin's iphone last night, is "page down" (and up as well I suppose) when scrolling through long pages such as forums. But that could be a simple downward flick on the gesture area.
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    It's hard to make any real judgments without seeing and trying out the final version once released.
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    Yeah, I can't wait for the review of the finished product to come up online, because while Palm gave us the gist of what this phone is all about, all the cool little details are still missing.....and I am dying with anticipation here!
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    the only thing i want is pinch zoom. i had the iPhone and then the storm, and that was one of the features i missed most from the iPhone.
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    Scratch my vote and make it no, my fat thumb hit the wrong bubble.
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    I have an iPod touch and think pinch zoom is overrated... honestly, I'm more worried about losing the stylus because I like that precise control than I am about only having "simple" multitouch gestures. I mean, anything complicated will be hard to do one-handed anyway, right?
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    I'm happy with what I see it could do in all the videos.
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    I don't care about multi-touch at all....literally at all.
    My wife has an iphone...and I could easily live without any of the multi-touch stuff.....

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