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    is the microphone in the bottom of the touch panel or the bottom of the keyboard?
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    I think it is on the bottom of the keyboard. In this image, you can see a small slot.

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    if thats it under the keyboard the i guess you can do it either way
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    The slider does NOT have to be open.
    Dieter Answerd that in the Pre Questions at
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    I believe I saw Dieter respond to a similar question by stating that the phone DID NOT have to be open.
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    Confirmed, Palm stated at CES that you can send, receive and talk on it with the slider open or closed.
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    A better question is, can you answer a phone call by opening the slider?
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    ^^I had the same question. I sure hope so, seems so intuitive.
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    It is at the bottom of touch screen.

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