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    This is a very subjective area based on individual preferences. I have had Treo's, a Mogul, a Storm and I just had a iPhone for 2 days. And I had asked people with these phones "how's the call quality" before I purchased. You get a mixed bag, but overall, people usually say "great" (unless it is really just a dog). Overall, none of these touched the call quality of my Moto Q9c. What may be "great" to many, might not be good enough for you (I think the iPhone is an excellent example of that - you have to be in the right place for ATT service to be good, but that has not slowed down sales). Really, I believe the majority of people don't care that much.

    So we can surmise about this all day long and we can even read and ask folks about it when it comes out, but in the end your own ear will be the judge.
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    The Q9c had great call quality and the Mogul is just below it. Both are great sounding phones. At the other end of the spectrum you'll find the 800w.
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    Call quality pretty good on my Sprint T700p with VolumeCar
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