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    I appreciate the input on the Centro. At least I have an alternative if my 700p suddenly becomes possessed. I'm fine using my 700p until something else comes. I'll be watching for comments once the Pre is out. I'll be interested to hear if any Realtors move to the Pre & their input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minkx View Post
    I usually act as techie for anyone who has an issue, though more recently I tend to offer more advice and less hands on for liability reasons (when it crashes, I don't want it in my hands).

    I have not used the Centro, though a Realtor I work with has. The comments and discussions seem to suggest it is most appropriate for new smartphone users. Shorter battery life too. If the choice is my 700p v. the Centro, I'll stick with the 700p.
    FYI According to Spring 66% of their Centro users migrated from an older PalmOS device. Personally, I find my Centro to be the best PalmOS smartphone I have used. The battery life could be better and the keyboard is a little cramped but OTOH, the compact form factor is great (not much bigger than a BB Perl) and the Centro is much more stable than its predecessors. Its a great finale for PalmOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minkx View Post
    I'd like the functionality shown on the Pre along with the screen real estate and smaller form factor with, what appears to be, the 700 keyboard styling. The Centro seems like a step sideways rather than a shift forward. The design of the Treo worked and continues to work. The new design is the next evolution and I like what I see. I want it, IF it fulfills my requirements. I have been waiting a while for The Killer smartphone. I will never find my ideal device since I like Palm over Windows and I want OneNote Mobile!!!! Ha. So until I have a device that incorporates my business needs, I will stay with my faithful, fully functional, near perfect big old 700p.
    The Pre is in no way an evolution of the Treo, it's more of a revolution (the Centro is the evolution). The Pre is exciting but migrating to it will probably be more difficult than switching to Windows Mobile. My plan is to stick with PalmOS for a couple more years at least (I have a spare Centro sitting in my closet).
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    I haven't seen any new exciting device coming out that included an IR port (touch pro 2 or diamond 2)
    btw, it's cheaper to get ekey on your phone then get a separate device
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    Funny. It seems all of the "veteran" palm customers that really want the Pre to work, all have the same issues. No SD card, No IR, No video, and No stylus (although the stylus isn't necessary with this OS, so that can be taken out).

    Minkx, if you like your 700P, and the Pre doesn't work out for you, take a good hard look at the 755P as well. My father has owned just about every palm device to date, from the Pilots to the 755p. I have had a few Pilots, a 600, 650, and now a Centro. While I love my Centro for day to day tasks (although it does still feel a little ancient) every time I grab that 755 I go OOH YEA, Mine IS a kiddy palm, isn't it? It's just a big difference having that larger screen, larger keyboard, and none of the creaks the centro has. Centro is not a bad phone though. Mine has been drop dead stable. Anyway, I am with you. I am still not on the Pre bandwagon 100% yet. I am maybe like 70%. With SD I would be 100%, and hope for a third party to make the camera have video. With all three, I would be buying stock and sitting on a street corner with a big sign that read "A Revolution is coming!! Check your local store for the Sprint Palm Pre!"

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    Wait a sec... There's a shining light at the end of this dark tunnel my fellow Realtors. With the ability to emulate Palm OS software, our current supra software has a chance to work. Now, I know what you're thinking, there's no IR port to communicate with the Supra Lockbox. If you notice on this list of certified devices for Ekey software, quite a few of those phones (ie BB's like storm) don't have an IR port on the phone either( They require the use of a Fob

    May I present to you

    Now I know some local Real Estate boards are taking longer to allow these BB solutions, but it is starting to happen, so cheer up and know that it seems the tools to make the Pre work do seem to be there.
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