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so you are one too because you took my comment out of context? it is a thread on the Pre where a commenter pointed to what he considers a deficiency on WM.

I guess you think the number of us who caught it and took exception to the comment on that grounds are all reporters? There are dozens of face value comments on stability vs winmob on forums that are based on nothing except PRPRPR.

So if I exhibited a reporters skepticism -- that is a compliment

We didn't twist it. the point I and others made is the the idea that WM sucks battery and is not perfectly stable on a thread about the Pre, where the explicit topic is the Pre raises the unanswered and user data vacuum on what the Pre will do in those regards.
Merely stating that what you quoted was not in complete context of what he was saying. So he thinks WM battery life sucks, he didn't say the Pre's would be better. And he made no comment about Pre being more stable than WM so I have no idea where you came up with that.
Flame away.