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    I tell you, I'm a pre-addict! I've consumed so much video, text and audio on the thing, I feel like I've already held one!!

    It occurred to me the other day that nothing I've come across has mentioned or showcased this device's most important function . . . the phone. Don't get me wrong, all of the other stuff smartphones do is important, but if the phone sucks, the device just isn't very smart.

    Case in point: After my 700P died, I switched to Windows Mobile (he says with a somber heart). I got a Touch Pro and as a phone the thing just sucks: it locks up all the time, can't do call waiting (Language), and just doesn't flow. Plus it can't do in call recording (hardware limitation). My Handspring manufactured Treo 600 was a better phone than this thing . . . hell even my 270 was solid!

    So back to the Pre. I'm sure it will have all of the standard phone capabilities, but I'm wondering if there's any innovation there? I do remember mention of phone related "smartness" when docked on the touchstone, but gimme the goods already!

    I understand why Palm had to showcase all of the other OS capabilities and usability . . . it's a new platform and ya gotta wow the masses. It'd just be nice to see a screen shot or vid of the phone in action. I know there's that pic of a card with a green dial pad, but I'm wondering about fullscreen picture caller id and how the in call options are laid out? Can you end a call with the swipe up, discard gesture? Or does the single button on the front play a part? What about custom ringtones for certain callers and all that jazz? How about the listening to music to taking a call and back transition? Does the device's web connectedness have an impact on receiving phone calls? I could go on.

    So have any of you connected folk out there seen the phone in action during a call? Can anyone point me to a pic or vid of the phone in-call that I might have overlooked?

    Am I alone here?
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    I could've sworn I saw like one or two pictures of the call in progress screen, but now I can't find it and can't remember where. That being said, I'd imagine they didn't show it because there's only so much you can show about a call screen, because its probably unfinished, and maybe partially because all of the wireless signals around CES tend to wreak havoc with a signal.
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    I remember a video out there where a REP was doing a demo and a few calls came in. One was an unknown caller and it handles it very well in terms of interrupting your current application; from that brief glimpse it seemed seamless, came in from the bottom of the screen, you could dismiss it or take the call. Visually, it was spiffy.

    I'll try to find it.
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    Yeah, I made a thread about a video with a call coming in, but the call isn't actually answered in that video, so we don't know what that looks like.
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    Yep, the REP dismisses both calls. I am really amazed at the seamless integration of the phone program though.

    I also enjoy the fact that the pixels are so compressed that the top status bar just looks like it's a part of the phone itself and not the actual screen. Eye candy for sure...
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    I didn't notice anything like the tabbed phone interface from the 680 & GSM Treo. I was a skeptic when I upgraded from a 650, but I find the new PalmOS phone app works really well.
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    Thanks for the info folks. I'll also try and find that video that shows a couple of phone calls being dismissed.
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    A few things to note:

    1) His taps are almost non-responsive at times in the video. Like the touch isn't being registered. This concerns me.
    2) Load times to bring up the launcher and the load times to bring up the application, fairly... sluggish considering this is the "best of the best of the best" in terms of processors. And nothing else is open.

    I know it's beta... just a little worrisome.

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