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    What does everyone think about the chances that you could use the Pre to output video to a TV or projector? iPhone has a video out cable. However the only connector is the mini-USB and they only mentioned its use for file transfers. Hmm... I wonder if I could plug in a digitial camera and use it to store images if my SD card filled up? Thoughts?
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    Well, at the keynote, they used a cable on the device they presented with to show it on the screen. That being said, I have the impression that cable went directly inside the device and not to an exterior connector, so I doubt that it'll be possible on the final device.
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    No, there probably won't be video out unless they have an adapter for the micro usb (highly unlikely). And no, you can't use it as an sd card or plug your camera into its usb port. You would have to install drivers on the phone to recognize your camera, and have an adapter that went from micro to mini, I've never see one with male connectors on both sides. Sorry to shoot down your dreams.
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    Well could it be through the 3.5mm jack like some ipods have, there was a cable connected to the top side of the Pre. Also I know my canon camera has a 3.5 jack with video out. That would be really cool on the Pre.

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