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    Perhaps I wasn't paying attention, but did Palm mention which data source (wifi or EVDO) they used during the keynote demo? I was curious, since Apple kinda cheated by using wifi during the original iPhone debut.
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    They used Wifi, and understandably so. At a convention like that with so much wireless signal flying around, there's no way you're going to get top speeds on any cell network .
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    And I bet the CPU was overclocked or modified as well...
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    Proof of this?
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    I thought I saw the EV icon and no WIFI icon while it was being run. Or maybe that was just from the pictures. I'll have to watch and make sure.
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    Def WiFi signals being used through the DEMO's I saw, including the keynote.
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    Yup, your right, wifi. I hope thats a dynamic wifi signal, bars reducing when you get less and less reception.

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