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    Okay, so for those of you who don't know, the Pandora open-source gaming console uses a similar chipset, the OMAP 3530. The OMAP3530 uses a different 3D chip, and I believe a different DSP (I'm not looking at the specs right this second), but both the 3530, and the 3430 of the Palm Pre use the Cortex A8 ARM CPU.

    So, here's a video of the newest dev version of the Pandora console. As there aren't any 3D drivers yet for the Pandora, this is all running on the CPU, so its really a great demonstration of how powerful this processor really is.

    Edit: Here's a second (also earlier revision hardware) video of all arcade games, which isn't as impressive as Playstation, but in this video the processor is underclocked from 600mHz to 500mHz. Even the scaling they're doing (the screen here is 800x480) is done in software, and they get 100-150fps.

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    One other neat thing about this CPU that I forgot to mention is that it basically turns itself off when idle. Not quite, but it goes into a very very low power mode when idle, so that's got to be a good sign for the battery life I'd think... though, as I said in another thread, the majority of the power draw is still all of the radios.
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    Now that is a neat demo of what its capable of. It seems to move pretty good so we should be ok with the great animation and transitions on this Pre with that powerful chip there.
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    Just think what native code could do on the Pre, too.

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