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    ...instead of the SDK. The image of the iPhone is elegant and elitist (although everyone and their brother has one), while Android (although not the G1) is sort of warm and cuddly (google the Android Girl). Palm wanted to make the Pre rounded and organic...why didn't they just up the humor a bit and make it whimsical and a little bit sexual.

    "Pre" and "WebOS" aren't names or brands you can wield proudly (as a consumer), much less tattoo on your ****/wrist/inseam. A name should evoke something...the iPhone and Google have all the legend and hype of their makers behind them. Palm should have taken this chance to make reforge a new brand image from the last few years of disappointment.

    I think MOJO would have fit the bill nicely. What consumer cares about the name of the SDK? Think of the marketing slogans you could have gotten off that!

    "WebOS" is also not so even limits the phone; do apps have no function if they aren't cloud-based? How about Mojo OS? (MoOS, for short!) How about Human Machine OS? (Too much "vs. Android"?) "HummOS" is also great on pita based structures.
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    I guess WebOS is really named in a way that attract developers. MOJO... I like the name, but its really not any more elegant than Pre(~)
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    what kinda name is ipod??

    when i first heard that i thought it was crap .... how wrong i was.
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    Mojo plays into the trend of giving programming tools exotic sounding names (at first) like java, samba, mambo, etc.

    Consumer products that are meant for the mass market benefit from relatively generic names that are easy to remember and easy to spell. When you pick a name that sounds cool, with a lot of meaning built in, you run the risk of turning off a lot of people and narrowing your potential audience. Palm is trying to make the Pre iconic - like the iPod, Palm Pilot and Walkman - rather than niche like the Instinct, Shine, and Bold.
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    webOS sounds just like spanish "huevos" wich besides eggs usually represents the balls as those inside your underware.
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    As a Sony fan, I would have been very happy to see the Clie name be applied on this. Clie is reborn, *sighs* such dreams.
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    will the pre become popular enough for the name to be used as a verb like google & xerox? instead of saying, "call me" or "email me," will we eventually say, "pre me?" i kinda doubt it, but it's fun to think about.
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    I think Mojo would have been much better slapped on the phone. But "Pre" it is...
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    They could have used the Doors 'mojo risin' as background music for the tv commercials.

    <edit> and the Ringtone too!
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    Austin Powers wants his MOJO back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oronzous View Post
    webOS sounds just like spanish "huevos" wich besides eggs usually represents the balls as those inside your underware.
    An OS with balls! Nothing wrong with that

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