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    the informaiton come from here

    someone said there are about 200 units WCMDA version now.

    As we known, WCDMA is 3G based on the GSM network , so the Palm Pre work with GSM is ready ?

    hope we can get it as soon....

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    I'm sorry but what the hell does that site say. I'm a little rusty on mandarin. Also please enlighted me on what wcdma is exactly? I'm assuming either a world cdma phone or cdma with wi-max.
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    if one phone work with WCDMA network. the phone can work with a standard SIM card and with a standard GSM network. Like iphone.
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    Of course there is going to be a WCDMA/GSM version released soon, just not in the U.S.
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    The BANDS 1800/900 vs 1900/850 (or 2100 / 1900/850 3G).. that's what I AM DYING to know...

    GSM users around the world will probably see the phone before we do here in the USA (GSM that is) =/

    (expansys... to the rescue?)
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    WCDMA = the air protocol for FOMA and UMTS.
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    translated using google translate

    palm pre support two 3G models: CDMA2000 and WCDMA. has begun production
    Judging from the production scene, palm will be the introduction of cdma2000 and WCDMA models, similar to the model of Treo650. hardware to achieve through the Deputy plate loaded to achieve a different cat.

    European version of the US-version will support them all.At present, the world's only 200. Want to pay close attention to volume production

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