It is clear that Pre views calendar entries from different sources. You can choose to see all of them at once (color coded by source) or just entries from one source. You can make new entries to any of those sources.

Of course we need access to this multi-source view from a large screen: from a laptop or a desktop pc. To my understanding there is no local sync option or an equivalent of Palm Desktop locally.

There are two ways to do this, either Palm has online service that sees all entries from all sources, or we need to have some direct access to Pre calendar view.

The online service would be problematic to most corporations. They do not want corporate calendars move to a service owned by Palm.

So there is actually only one way to do this: direct access to Pre calendar view.

Fortunately, Palm has a patent for browser access to data and apps of a mobile device. This approach does not need anything installed on the pc, so you can see and modify those calendar entries from any large screen device you have at hand.

That is the way I think it should be done. That is the way I hope Palm has done it. That is the way I think Palm has done it.