A writer for PC Magazine apparently got some quality time with Palm and Sprint reps. Among the 15 questions asked, here are a couple that intrigued me most.

What will Pre service plans look like?
The Pre's data plans will be more like the Samsung Instinct's plans than any other Sprint phone model, a Sprint rep said.
Will other U.S. carriers get the Pre?
At least 90 days after Sprint does, but maybe as much as 6 months later.
How do I get my personal info into the Pre?
While the Pre won't come with desktop software, there will be solutions for people to get their Palm Desktop or Outlook info, and info from earlier Treo and Centro models, into the Pre.
Will the Pre run Palm OS apps?
Not initially, but a third party could write a Palm OS emulator.
We already knew this, but it's interesting that they mentioned "a third party" on this question, but not on the one about solutions for exporting Palm Desktop/Outlook info -- implying that a migration solution will be included out of the box.

How about the SDK?
The SDK will be called Mojo, and will have APIs to extend Javascript to access hardware features of the device, Palm reps said. There are things you won't be able to do in the 1.0 SDK, like write directly to the frame buffer. But you'll be able to access all the core phone databases.
When will we hear more?
At both Mobile World Congress in mid-February and the CTIA trade show in late March—but probably also more often, and sooner, than that.
I didn't see Palm registered for MWC, but I suppose there's still time.