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    Something like that but which worked on a Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgoodisi View Post
    Or it's the difference between a feature phone and a platform...

    It's easy to create a sexy feature phone. It's more difficult to create a platform that is truly open and designed to run on multiple devices.

    It remains to be seen how open WebOS really is. The closeness of iPhone and the openness of Android are already well known.
    Yes. I think iPhone is more end user oriented, Android on the other hand is more developer oriented. I hope Pre can combine the two, or at least be able to find a better middle ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcol View Post
    Pretty amazing that little old Palm can do something *so* much more polished than Google. I guess, as Colligan would point out, they have been doing it a while.
    Actually, not amazing at all. Google is great at raw functionality, but sucks at user interface and polish. GMail is a perfect example-threaded email is cool. Tons of free storage is cool. But the interface is a hodge-podge of buttons and word links, scattered almost randomly around the window. And polish? My pop email setting on Google goes away every couple of weeks, forcing me to go in and reset it so I can read my GMail on my Treo.

    Google reminds of the mainframe computer apps I worked with in my early days in the business. They'd do about 90% of what you really wanted, and forced you to adapt to their methods, rather than adapting to yours.

    Android will only be a great system if 3rd party developers add the polish that Google nevers seems to bother with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcol View Post
    Following up on that, I wonder if we'll see a device without a physical keyboard from Palm at some point. With a gesture to pop up an on-screen keyboard for searching perhaps?
    There will probably be a developer out there that will implement it even on the Pre.
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    Thanks. I book marked the second link (the product referred to in the first seems to have been withdrawn).
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