View Poll Results: How Important is NO Micro SDHC expansion to you?

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  • I will wait until Palm releases the next WebOS PRE type of device with on board memory expansion.

    78 21.61%
  • I will buy a Non-Palm device with on board memory expansion.

    23 6.37%
  • I am buying a PRE! 8 GB of on board memory is sufficient for me.

    233 64.54%
  • I am buyiny a PRE! I don't care about large on board memory or expansion

    27 7.48%
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    Oh and i enjoyed this post too.. you must be a confused little guy
    treo 650 > treo 700w > treo 800 > palm pre > evo 4g > 3vo

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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    as the processors get faster, the screens get nicer, the designs more user friendly, they become more like little laptops capable of allowing us to leave our actual laptops at home or in the bag a bit more. .
    Quite so. In fact there is convergence. If you're thinking about a netbook many people can say--hey, I'll use my smartphone for quickies and emergencies instead; I'll bring a real laptop if I have serious work.

    The simple truth though is that if you look at the number of big iPods sold, a lot of people evidently think there is a need for more than 8gb of storage space. And on my card, it isn't just MP3s. There is a need for room for other things too, and as space becomes more available on better designed products, funny, but apps and data become bigger and eat it up.

    What is nice about the big cards is that it gives you options. Of course I can't listen to 1,000 cds even on a three week vacation in Europe. But if I'm there, and I travel a lot, I like choices and I have no way to predict what I'll be in the mood for on Day 8 of a trip. And sometimes it is funny how even with all I have, I'm in the mood for something different that isn't on it.

    The point of having a library with you is not that you can listen to everything all the time but that
    a) you have choices and options effortlessly when you want them
    b) you don't have to constantly swap things out, load and reload. It's there for your use as desired.

    Could I survive with 8gb? Sure. Do I want to, and degrade my current experience for no apparent reason? No.

    There are other uses for SDHC of course, as many have pointed out. It is a far more convenient way to download, swap out cards, backup, etc.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    Ive been using an 8gb card in my Tour so I think once I make the switch to the Pre I will still be fine.
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    Personally I really really want external storage and hope Palm includes it in future devices.
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    Apparently I ticked a nerve. It takes quite a bit more than some internet bravado and "biting" words to offend me. I'm sorry you feel the need to ridicule someone's occupation and the people he works with while trying puff up your own plumage in order to come across with some sort of sense of superiority. So i'll just get back to the topic at hand.

    1. Never said I wanted all 60 gigs of my collection on the pre. Even emphasized that point to avoid the sarcastic response about it, but i guess that was just overlooked on your part. Music is just one form of media being stored on the device as I tried to emphasize by mentioning how I use my device.

    2. I fully knew it had a limited 8gb going into it as many did. Was prepared to create workarounds for it to compensate. Get the NAS up and running to transfer files back and forth. Bookmark the literature and download areas from the various company sites. Be able to download, use and delete on the fly to keep the Pre lean. Didn't really matter because outside of some of my OS issues, I just didn't care for the hardware.

    3. I would hope to be a minority in this poll at this point since this is a Pre based site and would hope the majority of people here enjoy their device. If you look at the date this thread started, you would notice it was before the Pre was released. So you would then know we knew what we were getting into instead of assuming I or others unhappy with Palm's decision blindly made the decision to buy.

    4. My collection of cards reside in my various cameras. I'm sure I'm far from the only one to own more than one memory card. Many of us have multiple devices that use card storage. If the trend is towards microSD then why not utilize it in other devices. If I'm using my camera to tale pics, I'd rather pop that card into my phone and upload a pic to friends or Facebook rather than use the limited camera on my phone. Used to do that on my treo with full size cards. That's just one example for being able to swap cards, not the constant swapping you suggested.

    Very happy the Pre works for you and your highly successful business. It wasn't for me and quite a few others I know. I don't wish for Palm to fail. I'd like to see webOS flourish. I'd even revisit it down the road if it's feasible. I just think they have an uphill battle ahead of them and aren't coming from a position of strength the other contenders are.

    Enjoy your day.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidminor03 View Post
    I am very sorry I have offended you, I suppose I must be immature because to whine about how something that you bought isn't adequate when you were provided complete disclosure on the box as well as on these forums well before the phone actually became available wouldn't be something that you might consider whining.

    You sir would be the minority based not on my opinion but the poll at the top of this thread. If you really need 60gb you probably should reevaluate your choices in phones. If you really actually carry around 6 microSD cards you should in actual fact consider hiring an individual to help you manage (think for you) your technical world.
    I am well aware of what MY phone can do and what I bought it for. I am well aware of the screen resolutions and the processor speeds, however at no point in time will it replace my desk or laptop because it can not and will not ever be capable of doing what they can do nor will they ever more then likely allow me to do it as efficiently.

    Its provides me enormous amounts of comfort to know that my doctors might be watching an instructional video on a pre, let alone buying any kind of medical gadget(thatís what they would sell on an infomercial) because they watched the infomercial on a cell phone... sounds like I need to be more assiduous when choosing doctors if I ever need surgery.. Sounds reminiscent of some horrific Mexican doctors.

    At no point in time did I state how you should or shouldn't use your phone for all I care you could insert it securely in your rectum on vibrate.

    The exact problem is exactly what you have stated, you are stuck on old ideas after 13 years. I run an extremely successful business and have 14 phones running and they all work together with our network, email, calendars, CRM, accounting, credit card processing as well as many other systems quite seamlessly. I have switched through 4 pre's and all the data migrates seamlessly. Perhaps the problem isn't the pre but the same old useless Microsoft products that Microsoft has always produced such as outlook and exchange. Just because there is a McDonald's on every corner certainly doesn't make them the best at what they do that just simply have the best business system in place.

    Finally, Sir, it is my opinion that you are a lazy individual who simply can not deal with problems so instead you simply give up. Those who are fighters make it work and revolutionize and sculpt WebOs, the pre and the world.

    P.S. Make sure to call your roadside assistance for that flat you got in your driveway.
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    Again, you're quite late to the game trying to bolster your argument. We were discussing storage long before the Pre was released. This thread along with my posts here are ancient. There's nothing you can find that can trip up my stance. As I mentioned more than once, the Pre's limited storage was not a reason I returned mine. No phone is perfect, and we all compromise some of our wants to get what we need.

    Feel free to continue with the cheap shots, especially when they don't even follow a valid point. Good day sir.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidminor03 View Post

    Oh and i enjoyed this post too.. you must be a confused little guy
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    Everything is stored on the internet now i dont need more than 8GB. I can stream music just fine from my home PC to my pre as long as i have a data connection.
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