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    What if I have an email account that does not use Exchange, but I would like to use IMAP so that my Pre and my inbox in Outlook that also checks mail on the IMAP account are both synced up?

    Back in the day, we had to buy Chatter for this. It worked pretty well, but was a basement grown program with a lot of bugs. I'm hoping that the Pre will come out of the box with this functionality.

    BlackBerry's obviously have great email capabilities, and I don't want to regret getting a Pre if I can't keep my inboxes synced up.
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    It was announced to have support for IMAP, but every site/blog I've read says that it only comes out of the box with push via Activesync. I.e., any IMAP account you setup would have to be setup to manually check for mail (or on a recurring schedule). But then again, no one has exactly said that it does NOT support IMAP Idle (which would, in effect, give it a feeling of "push" over IMAP). I'm hoping that it has that functionality by release, but it seems like a developer could add it easy enough.
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    I would be willing to bet it uses push technology for Gmail as well, since they're clearly working with Google for at least calendar email and IM integration. IMAP Idle I don't know about, in fact I seem to recall during a video one of the Palm reps saying they're not commenting on email other than Gmail and Exchange yet. I hope it has IMAP Idle for my Fastmail account that I switched to long ago when I used Chatter, but even if it manually has to check every so often, I've decided that's not THAT horrible.

    Other than that, I personally am covered with email.

    I'd bet too if you use an AOL or Yahoo email account that you'll get push from them as well by the time the device is released, since they were listed as partners.

    That being said, I could be wrong.
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    Even after the Webinar it's still not clear if the Pre/WbOS will support push email via Gmail's IMAP idle! I wish I was awake to ask the question but the Sprint Webinar would have been at 2 am for me....
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