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    Has anyone noticed that there is only 1 letter difference in the names of the last and next Palm phones?
    Treo Pro
    Treo Pre

    That's close enough to cause confusion.
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    Except... this isn't a treo.
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    Yeah it's not a treo. But what's up with the name Pre? Am I missing some deeper meaning or catchy play of words?
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    A buddy of mine suggested they add an 'o' on the end...the Preo!
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    Brought to you from the same mindset that came up with the Nintendo Wi. Least the name wasn't Pee.
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    Like the phone, hate the name. Did they do a focus group on this?

    What comes first to miond if someone said what does "pre" mean?

    "Pre"... before you get around to what you really want, before the main thing? Pre-view, Pre-owned, Pre-cooked, pre-payment, pre-tax .

    Maybe the next Palm phone will be the "Post"
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    Yep, those two names are rather confusing. I had to watch myself carefully when putting in the title to my articles on the Palm Pre today because I kept wanting to put "Palm Pro".
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    Pre= Pre-mier; Pre-sent; Pre-cursor; Pre-mium; Although there are plenty of other examples, in this case Palm has a Pre- as in before others; there will be plenty of companies coming up with copycats and scrambling to catch up.
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    Pre is short for "precognition." The tag line was that the phone knows what you want before you do it.

    [from engadget]
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    The name is crap, but it's hard to find trademarkable, memorable names.

    I'd have called it the Palm Pilot. 1997 in your face!

    Seriously, though. Pre? Bleh.
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    I dont think the names are confusing and I dont have a problem with it. Most consumers dont even know that there is a Treo Pro out there.
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    The first thing that came to my mind about the name is that like the President of Palm, Ed Colligan, we both graduated from the University of Oregon. The greatest athlete and icon to anyone who is or was a runner was Steve Prefontaine from Coos Bay Oregon and attended the U of O. You mention the name Pre to anyone around here and throughout the running world and they know who your talking about. Could Ed have come up with the name of someone who is still an icon today as he was when he was alive?
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    I agree with a post above: Preo would have been better that Pro.

    I have a Centro and when asked I tell people I have a Treo because they don't know what a Centro is (at least the people I know don't)
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    I think of Pre as of things to come or in line with Palm three tier client approach, general user, next level to professional (Pre) and Pro for Professional or business level.
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    What not the palm Presence - because that's what the device is about:

    a status indicator that conveys ability and willingness of a potential communication partner
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    It's short for:
    Presto Chango!
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    Quote Originally Posted by m12x13adass View Post
    Except... this isn't a treo.
    I stand corrected. Still Pre and Pro are close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadtrumpetdave View Post
    A buddy of mine suggested they add an 'o' on the end...the Preo!
    Theres been times I almost called the Pre a Preo. The treo name is just so hard to let go.
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    I think they went with the Pre as a "prelude" to a new vision and the birth of a new Palm. A prelude to bigger and better things to come.
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    I like Preo, rolls off better than pre and everyone knows its a Palm.
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