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    Do we know if the Pre will locally store the aggregated data (such as from Facebook and Google Calendar) or will it only bring the data in if it can get to the net to access it live? I spend most of the work day in a building that does not receive ANY cell signal from any of the companies. I love the idea of aggregating a family calendar on top of my work data (instead of keeping both together) but will I still be able to access that information if I don't have a cell signal?
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    I'm with you hoping that that is not the case. I've heard conflicting reports of what the functionality will be, although it seems to be fairly reasonable to assume that Palm would understand that even "very connected" users will not be "always connected".

    The best option in my opinion would be that the data is stored locally, but when you are connected it will update whenever you access the data.
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    It's been said that it'll locally cache the data.

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