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    Sorry for the poor audio on my end -- new microphone apparently thought it was more important to record the fan that it was to record my voice. I fixed as best I could. Will get back to the usual standards next time!
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    Didn't you get any sleep last night?
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    Thanks for the quick Treocast! Glad to hear the excitement coming from you about Pre. Finally, I too am excited for Palm. Glad to see they are back in the game. Oh and the audio quality isn't that bad, so it was Good news and Good news
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    Great TreoCast guys! I am very excited to see Palm off to a great start in 2009. It has been a long time coming but we knew change was on its way. I have to seriously consider switching to Sprint so that I can purchase one of these babies! Looks like the developers site is up as well . So it shouldn't take to long for Palm to release the SDK to the rest of the developer community. Hurry up and push these puppies out of door Palm and Sprint.
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    You think you guys are excited, go listen to the engadget podcast. It's comical how much a Palm fanboy one of the hosts is. Sorry can't remember his name.
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    audio sounded ok to me..
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    dieter, you could barely contain yourself! your giddy excitement was quite contagious. thanks for sharing your observations!
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    Great Podcast guys ! I believe the audio quality was okay. I didn't hear too much static. Keep it up !
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    I enjoyed the podcast, thanks!

    It was interesting to hear you guys discuss how the Pre is the culmination of what Palm was trying to do with the LifeDrive. Also I liked the comments about the vindication of Ed Colligan--all the things he said that everyone made fun of over the past couple of years, well, he wasn't talking through his hat after all!
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    no, he really wasn't kidding...

    thanks everyone

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