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    is anyone sure that is the pre not the pro for the feb 22 release date....
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    Quote Originally Posted by phone queen View Post
    is anyone sure that is the pre not the pro for the feb 22 release date....
    Based on everything I've read, I'm not sure anyone is sure about anything except that it looks like it may not be release as soon as many expected. (then again you can't be sure about that either)

    And just when you think someone is getting close to some solid info, the name issue raises it's head - was he or she talking about the Pre or the Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearGoddess View Post
    Now that is a good one.. lol, lol
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearGoddess View Post
    I guess we all want that for a "Valentines Present"
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    So I see the Pre being talked about on G4's CES coverage and after they finished raving about it, I go online to watch the whole press event. Shortly after I find Precentral and sign up. Not much after that, I see the date, Feb 15 as the that point in time I am, that's not so far off, but still too long for my, but I held on to it for a while until all hope started to fade.

    Who gave us Feb 15....wasn't it Vyruz Reaper? It's all your fault man!!!!

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    Where is it postal list! Now those people will see why I never have messengers tell me things! Mwhahahaha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geargoddess View Post
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    What the heck!? I'm growing really tired of finding this crap. It does nothing but get us hyped up to the boiling point only so we can get let down.

    But hey, we all want to hear launch rumors... So here we go.

    "In the third category is Palm, the company best known for its Palm Pilot personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Treo mobile phones. The company will launch the Palm Pre at the congress, and the phone has been seen so far as one of the best attempts yet to take on Apple in the touch-screen mobile market.

    Along with the launch will be the unveiling of Palm’s new mobile operating system, webOS. The Palm operating system has been in use and continuing development for 13 years, making it the most established piece of software designed for hand-held computing. But Palm are doing away with the old, and announced that the Palm OS would cease production, with all new products to come loaded with its new effort."
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    I'm growing pretty tired of speculation myself. I hate not knowing things in general! This release date is going to be the death of me. I've been combing the internet with any tidbit of info for too darned long now.

    I should just go seek a job at Palm, then I would probably know.
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    Let's really hope they meant "launch" in the literal sense...not just introduce it to the rest of the world at MWC 2009. <crossing fingers> Every single day I keep's getting discouraging to expect it anytime soon.
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    Cary - Agreed. I couldn't understand if he was talking about the product launch itself, or if they were reffering to it as a demo launch.

    Probably the ladder. Once again, I'm taking no stock in this. It's always fun to find a rumor or two though. I think all of us want this phone BADLY.
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    Pre rumor control is for an early Pre release of 02/14/2010

    Hope you all can wait....hahahaha

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    I guess it must still be in some Aunt's closet. Onward to the next rumored launch date.
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    It's in someones aunts closet....
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    Or in the other guys office
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    Watch for Pre Commercials during today's Daytona 500!

    Sprint could launch advertising with Super Bowl type commercials!

    Maybe just wishful thinking on my part.

    Can't wait to have a Pre in my hand!
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    In lieu of the actual device, they gave us a new pre video on the Sprint site.
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    how can they be introducing the pre if it was already introduced at ces, this article is stupid because we all know palm will introduce the gsm version at mwc and then hopefully give us a date for sprint launch.
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    Sorry, but I honestly believe if it was going to be released in the 1st quarter, Palm would have said that! I think June is more realistic. I went to the Santa Maria Sprint store yesterday, and they told me they have not received ANY literature or ANY training on it. The guy there (I think his name was Justin) told me they received training and literature on the TreoPro 6 weeks prior to it being released. Heck I'll be impressed if Palm releases it by Q2 like they originally said!
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