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    Ok, here's my inside info. I asked a third party agent that works near me when they're getting the Pre. I asked when he was kind of busy, and out of the blue, and he said the end of next month...this was a few days ago, back in January. I'm sure they won't get it right when it launches, so a few weeks afterwards...the end of February, wounds like a good possibility.

    Too bad I'm not really in a financial position to purchase it .
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    2nd quarter...waiting for that Pre commercial!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xxgersonxx View Post
    [3:44 PM] Customer says: Hello, I was just wondering when are you guys going to have available the palm pre (not the palm pro) sprint told me that around the 15th but are you guys going to have it available in stores on the same date? or sooner?
    [3:45 PM] Alicia says: AROUND THE SAME DATE
    [3:46 PM] Customer says: cool, do you may have like an sku # for the product available? and do you know the price for best buy? Are you guys going to stablish sprint contracts in best buy or you guys are only going to sell the product with no contract?
    Sounds like the rep is still thinking about the Treo Pro, despite your parenthetical "not the palm pro" reference (which probably got ignored). Try confirming the availability of the Treo Pro first, then ask about the Palm Pre, and you'll probably find that you've eliminated a false positive. I've done this twice with Sprint, and in neither did the reps come up with release information on the Pre once they had the Pro listing to contrast it with.
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    I chatted with Sprint rep informing them that Pre forums were reporting Best Buy would have the Palm Pre on Feb. 15. Rep communicated someone was confusing Treo with Pro.
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    no sprint commercials yet....
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    18 seconds left in the half...Sprint is a no-show
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    I dont think we'll see a Pre commercial tonight.
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    My hopes are fading. Thank god for the bestbuy confirmation thread thread!

    2/15 hopes live on!
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    Believe me, they were definitely talking about the pre. Remember I ask twice for the sku and they didnt know it. Here is another session I did, but notice that he actually was trying to avoid my questions. He had all the information available for the Pro even told me that it was on sale since several weeks (dont you think this "alice" should have known the same info about the pro?)
    anyways here is the session so make your own conclusion:

    Notice that this time he actually gave me a full name. also notice that if they have the same info in the system, this "alice" would have given us the same: "sorry we have no details at this time"

    [7:37 PM] Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
    [7:37 PM] Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    [7:37 PM] Chat session established with Jose.

    [7:37 PM] Jose says: ( This session maybe monitored for quality purpose Hello..! thank you for contacting Best Buy Mobile, My name is Joseh Navaro, Before we start can I get your name, phone number, and e-mail address So I can deliver a better level of customer service?
    [7:38 PM] Customer says: Gerson R, 214-456 3445,
    [7:39 PM] Jose says: Thanks.! tell me how can I help you today..!?
    [7:39 PM] Customer says: Hello, I was wondering if the treo pro is available for sale
    [7:40 PM] Jose says: on line or at the store?
    [7:40 PM] Customer says: and if you guys offer it with sprint contract
    [7:40 PM] Customer says: both
    [7:40 PM] Jose says: yes we do.
    [7:41 PM] Customer says: Cool has this phone been out since a long time in the market? or your site?
    [7:42 PM] Jose says: we have listed this phone with Sprint probable several weeks ago.
    [7:42 PM] Customer says: How about the pre they told me that it was also going to be released in this month. Do you know around what day?
    [7:43 PM] Jose says: we don't really know in advance when will be available to the public..!
    [7:44 PM] Customer says: I think they told me on the 15th I checked on the store by my house a couple of days ago, I was just wondering if you guys have any updates on that.
    [7:46 PM] Jose says: no we don't have any udate at this point.! at list that my system information could
    [7:47 PM] Jose says: There is any other question I can help you with?
    [7:47 PM] Customer says: Ok. One last question (it might be a dumb question) Why when lets say at time when you get connected with a rep you always get an "Alice" my brother and I tried it at the same time in diferent comps and it happened. Now as of 3 hours they actually changed
    [7:48 PM] Customer says: This alice actually gave us details of the pre but now they are unconfirming the version she gave us in a total different way
    [7:49 PM] Jose says: I don't know what her sources are ...I just tell you what my system can showme ...!
    [7:50 PM] Customer says: but I mean this "alice" is how the system gives you the nick and is not an actual person right?
    [7:51 PM] Customer says: there can be 1000's of alices reps. imposible to answer chat sessions worlwide at the same time
    [7:51 PM] Customer says: I was just curious, dont think that I want to be rude or something man
    [7:52 PM] Jose says: every one of us have the system setup to search off the available sources we have here.
    [7:52 PM] Customer says: How many reps (chat sessions) do do believe best buy employs worlwide, just a rough number
    [7:53 PM] Jose says: but I'll be beyond ...she is not here now will be tomorrow but i will ask her about it..if she has some different information.
    [7:54 PM] Customer says: OK, well thank you very much for your help and time.
    [7:55 PM] Jose says: believe me we assist world wide web small team ..!
    [7:55 PM] Jose says: thanks for choosing Bestbuymobile, If you have any other question, please contact us again, or call 1-888 bestbuy. have a great evening. and have nice week.end.
    [7:55 PM] Customer says: you too Thank you!!!
    [7:55 PM] Jose says: bye.

    Make your own conclussions
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    a tragedy roadies commercial is on lol
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    Just saw the roadie
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    Roadies ht the air. :-(
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    i am officially now 50/50 on the 2/15 release
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    If you are saying its NOT coming out, then there is no negitive in revelaing your source.

    So what is it.
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    Hey, a commercial can still start airing tomorrow. Like a full on assault on major networks. =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    BTW: I also stop reading hard copy of books.
    Good Luck
    Also the same here. I found many years ago it was very hard to read paper books. But for some reason reading on the phone is much easier on the eyes. The problem is finding titles. Baen books is good, but do not have a lot of titles I like. I recently tried to buy an E-book version of a book I was interested in. It was $10 more than buying the hardbound from a brick and mortar store. No way I am going to put up with that.
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    So at my Best Buy today, they said that the date was 2/15 but they had them last week and had to send them back to the manufacturer. I then asked the rep to clarify whether it was the Pre or the Treo Pro, and even pointed to a picture of the Pro that was in their Mobile ad. She then realized she meant the Pro and new nothing about the Pre.
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    The commercial/product placement MAY come during the Heroes season premier tomorrow <crossing my fingers>
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    Hey, did anyone notice the Steelers beat the Cards 27-23?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cary328is View Post
    The commercial/product placement MAY come during the Heroes season premier tomorrow <crossing my fingers>
    I think it would be appropriate if it came during the Chuck show tomorrow since they are supposed to be Best Buy.
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