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    I can't imagine Grafitti with my fat fingers.
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    This thread had me tripping for a second. You guys mentioned graffiti and I was all over it. But instead you guys where talking about something else. I'm an old (nyc) tagr from back in the day. I was wanting to see some pics of artwork when I opened this thread.

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    My first Treo was given to me to test out some product. I didn't think I would like the keyboard, as a matter of fact, I thought I was sure I wouldn't like it. The very first thing I did was look for an app that let me do grafitti on it.

    However, I quickly found myself using it less and less. One time I had to replace the phone, and when I started adding my applications back, I realized I hadn't use the Grafitti app in months. I didn't bother putting it back.

    I suspect though, that if there's a demand, you'll eventually see an app. I also suspect though, that you won't see grafitti on any other phone.
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    Graffiti is important if you use it for work while on the vehicle.... you can write without looking at the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrourk View Post
    Graffiti is important if you use it for work while on the vehicle.... you can write without looking at the screen.
    Perhaps that isn't the best idea....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merovingian View Post
    Graffiti.........what is this, 1998? If you don't get the Pre then more Pre available for one who wants it, like me.
    so what graffiti is from 1998? i do graffiti everyday lots of people do it its alive and well in 2010
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    I don't want this to be misconstrued as a pot shot at graffiti users, I respect you, more power to you, but I can't help feeling like you've been overtaken by time, or rather, the market.

    I've never used Graffiti myself but do understand its genius; it's simply that the mass market is currently in love with capacitive screens and ignores all of their shortcomings, going as far as to lift the software keyboard up to major popularity. The market has come to hate a stylus, because Steve Jobs said "if you use a stylus, you're doing it wrong". Mind you, he said the same thing about Task Managers, and look at what IPhone4.0 multitasking is like (it's an easy to pull up task manager).

    The problem is the market's definition of simplicity. It might be extremely simple to use graffiti but the market sees this differently without knowing the details - to it, graffiti is baroquely complicated as you a) have a learning curve, which is a bad thing as learning is a baaad thing for nerds only and b) you need a stylus, which is not only uncool since Apple introduced capacitive, but also uncool because it adds the stylus itself - and any added thing makes things 'complicated' and 'nerdy to learn for'.

    Any word on that mythical capacitive-and-resistive hybrid display? Because something like that could be used with a finger normally, but a poweruser or otherwise interested person could easily use a stylus for graffiti and other precision applications.
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