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    Methinks a little too much is being made of this "card" system. Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it just a fancified task-switcher? And, in fact, it could be argued that it's a task-switcher that prioritizes eye-candy over usability/efficiency, as you have to essentially scroll through (side-to-side) your running apps to get to the one you want. There's nothing I'm seeing there that couldn't be done (and I think possibly *has* been done) with Windows Mobile.

    The ARS article also seems to make a big deal of the "task-centered" approach, pointing out "chat". But, again, that's just an app that combines multiple messaging approaches into one consolidated app. That could be done with iPhone or WM, right? There's nothing about the pre's OS that makes this possible only on the pre, right?

    For the new folks here, I'm an old-timer and currently use a 700p as my main device. I'm impressed with the pre and would probably buy one today if it was available. *BUT*, I'm not sure that I'm seeing anything necessarily new or revolutionary here. To me, it combines much of what I like about the old Palm OS, the iPhone, and the gPhone, but I'm not sure that it presents anything *new* per se.
    I can understand what you are saying, what's so different about this Card system? In a basic sort of way, you are right, it really is just task switching. However, interface makes a difference, and the task focused philosophy in particular makes a difference. I can't compose two emails at the same time on my WinMo phone. I can have two tabs open in Opera Mobile but switching between a page and my email and my IM is clunky, and I don't always switch back to the window I was on. I don't have to deal with pop up windows that force me to switch back to the app I was typing in.

    The more I see the interface, the more I'm impressed with the thought that was put into how things are actually done on a smartphone. Shortly after watching the presentation, I notice things I do on my smartphone and think, "they were right! A card system right here would be great!"
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    Yeah as far as I'm concerned, that card system is one of those things that sounds so intuitive I can't believe its never been done before.
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    The card system is great, but there's also a neat quick launcher to get to apps as well.

    I just wanted to echo that "synergy" is an incredible thing and I am happy to see that Palm is back in a big way!
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