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    Quote Originally Posted by detective View Post
    This is CDMA Rev A, not the old CDMA.
    I'm sure there are longer more detailed posts on this somewhere, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $CDMA$ $EVDO$ ($DO$ = $data$ $optimized$ $or$ $data$ $only$) $whether$ $it$'$s$ $Rev$ $0$ $or$ $Rev$ $A$ $cannot$ $handle$ $voice$ $and$ $data$ $simultaneously$. $CDMA$ $EVDV$ ($data$ $voice$) $is$ $needed$ $to$ $handle$ $the$ $two$ $at$ $once$.

    In my opinion while this is a really nice features I think the way WCDMA handles voice and data together is one of the reasons the data service is so inconsistent and unreliable.
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    I have visual voice mail on my 755p.

    Check out the PhoneTag service (formerly Simulscribe). I uploaded my address book to their server, and when I get a voicemail it sends me an email (or text msg, if you prefer) that shows who the call came from. With email, it also transcribes the message so I can read it, or dial in and listen to it, or listen to it as a WMA attachment on the email.

    Very slick.
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    Sprint has the technology for Visual Voicemail since the Instinct has it. So it is possilbe that they could end up offering it (for a price).
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    Quote Originally Posted by cckgz4 View Post
    From what I saw on Palm's site, I am going to assume it has visual voicemail
    I'm hoping you are right, but I didn't see anything that would make me assume one way or the other. I saw the voicemail icon on the dial pad and notification screen, where it indicated there were 2 new voicemails. I never saw any screen with visual voicemails listed though.

    How about a link? Thanks!
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