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    Ran across this article about the CPU and this popped out at me:

    Multimedia / Gaming:

    IVA 2+ a second-generation, power-optimized version of TI's imaging, video and audio accelerator used in TI's DaVinci™ technology provides up to 4x performance improvement in multi-media processing versus previous OMAP processors. The increased capabilities of the IVA2+ enables multi-standard (MPEG4, H264, Windows Media Video, RealVideo etc.) encode and decode at DVD resolutions. With the advanced multimedia capabilities of the OMAP3430 a multi-standard DVD-quality camcorder can be added to a phone for the first time. In addition, the ARM's vector floating-point acceleration, coupled with the OMAP3430's dedicated 2D/3D graphics hardware accelerator, provides outstanding gaming capabilities.
    Hope they make the video recording this good!

    Full article here:
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    It depends on what speed its clocked at, and if it uses the chipset's video acceleration features.
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    The clock speed range for the 3430 is 600mhz to over 1ghz. Wonder where the Pre falls...
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    Don't get too excited. The OMAP in the T|T had a lot more capability in it than Palm ever decided to leverage or open up for others. Hopefully they learned from that, but FWIW...
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    Wow, I wish Palm would overclock the CPU to 1GHZ
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    The next Palm device "should" have the OMAP 3640 or better.
    The clock speed for the 3430 is actually stock at 600MHz.

    Texas Instruments OMAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The OMAP 4440 would be really cool in the next phone. That would put it beyond everything that is currently offered. If the next Palm phone were the first to use a Cortex A9 multi-core chip, that would really be sweet.
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    I thought the video on the Pre is actually pretty good, but we need a variable focus lense on these phones. that would blow away front facing camera crap.

    FluidFocus Variable Focus Lens System from Philips Research - New Product
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    Omap 3630 is being used in Droid X and is equivalent to samsung hummingbird in Galaxy S. Iphone 4 is running the same hummingbird cpu at ~800 MHz ( based on the difference in performance in iphone 4 and ipad).

    Omap 3630 is clock per clock faster than a 1 GHz snapdragon processor in both cpu and graphics. However a 1 GHz omap 4340 will be ~ 20% faster clock per clock than a 3640. I am hoping Palm has an omap 4340 based device but even a 3640 based device would be faster than an iphone 4.

    A webos based tablet might be made on omap 4. If i remember correctly omap 4 also draws less power than omap 3.
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