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    I fired up a web chat session with a Sprint rep immediately after Dan Hesse said you could preregister for a Palm Pre on Sprint's website. "Wendy" (probably a Pakistani or Indian sitting in a call center) told me she knew nothing about anything called a Palm Pre. She kept asking me if I meant the Treo Pro, too. I sent an email to asking to be placed on the preregistartion list. Within 30 minutes I found links to the Palm Pre on both Palm and Sprint's websites here on TC and preregistered there.

    Yep. Before I got to the Sprint store, neither Palm nor Sprint had anything Pre-related available/accessible on their sites.

    By the time I stirred up that (favorable) hornets nest by telling them where they could find info about the Pro, they'd also checked Sprint's site and found that it was NOW (then) possible to preregister.

    Again, I think they were just keeping a super-tight lid on things by having a buffer between the end of their announcement and the time that Representative SuchnSuch pushes the button that makes Pre info go live.
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    Adding legalistic to nitpicky: apparently webOS is already in use as a name?
    Haha! I knew that it sounded suspiciously familiar when they first announced that!

    Here's hoping they're forced to change the name to something more nova...and less webOS.
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    I doubt very seriously Palm didn't have its lawyers searching for trademarks. Then again, Apple apparently didn't do a very good job of it, so maybe Palm did fail.
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