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    It's actually hard, here my attempt,

    "A HTC Touch Dual with the Apple's flashy UI but not most of the iPhone's hardware flews, and the usual Palm sause."

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    "It's like a G1 but a much better form factor, UI and OS"

    If you think about this, the G1 and Pre are almost similar in every way.

    Both use Linux
    Both have slide out keyboard
    Screen size is about the same
    Both have similar dimensions
    Both have trackball at the bottom
    Both have gesture based UI

    It's just the Pre looks way better looking, way more polished and Palm nailed it on the first try.
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    Very impressive, but I'm not sure that I want to be that web-centric.
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    A compact, slick and efficient marriage of a powerful business-style slider like the HTC Touch with the interface and web functions of an iPhone."
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    A Palm enthusiasts perfect device!
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    Is your "C" key broken?
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    PPC 6.1 with an extra helping of eye candy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc View Post
    Is your "C" key broken?
    That's not Nise!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Cool Phone
    Less than 400 posts to get my own little treo icon!
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    End game.
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    A more advanced, developer-friendly iPhone with just a splash of practical business sense.
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    Could be a game changer for both Palm and Sprint, if Sprint doesn't get greedy.
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    This seems to be what I've wanted for so long. I loved Palm OS until it just couldn't do what I wanted anymore. It didn't have the multitasking power. So I had to switch to Windows Mobile which has all the power but really isn't much fun to use. Then there's iPhone....looks like fun, but it certainly can't do everything I want it to.

    Now finally, the multitasking power of Windows Mobile with the slickness of iPhone and the practicality of Palm.
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    A phone with an amazing UI, and showing tons of promise, that I will almost certainly pass over for a WinMo phone, because I want the freedom to install whatever apps I want, without having to jailbreak it.
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    "The perfect smartphone" long is it has excellent battery life & the OS is stable. I don't care HOW pretty it is. It HAS to be stable.
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    Finally we see the mythic device that the term "iPhone killer" was made for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    That's not Nise!
    I cee what you did there!
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    An orgiastic orgasmic device with orgiastic orgasmic curves.

    Did i overdo it?
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....
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    Its nice to see it with an actual keyboard. When I first saw the first few seconds of the video, I was already put out. Then one flick, out came a keyboard, and I said to myself "that's the next toy".

    I know it's not a sentence, but rather a short paragraph LOL!
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    Palm had me the minute the keyboard slid out.
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