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    Quote Originally Posted by eugarps View Post
    Unlocked GSM could be a great boost to global sales, IMO. I'd buy one, simply because I travel worldwide and like to use pre-paid local SIMs; when I can.
    I don't know how many US citizens would purchase it because of the global roaming capabilities but you can pretty much guarantee a large increase from European subscribers.


    The current campaign is woeful. Apart from geeks no one at my office knows anything about this device!

    Look at the link in my signature. This is the advert Palm should be putting out there (with some minor modification i.e. change the number of available apps, change some of the scenarios and software i.e. picking a restaurant and end with the Palm pre animations and slide out keyboard, then a 360 degree spin and fade to last picture "PALM Simply Amazing")
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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    Palm needs to be more like Apple in their commercials. Don't d*** around and try to be different, show the damn thing off. If you just say it can run multiple live applications and you just show a bunch of apps passing by that's not really doing crap. Be up front, palm pre does "x", now go buy cuz it's legit.
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    Palm should fire their ad agency or their marketing director for signing these adverts off. The more abstract they become the more people they turn off.

    In the UK Apple run adverts bout copy and paste function and voice control - they are selling the functionality and benefit of the phone that does not need a phd in art to understand.

    Have a combination of viral ads that are funny with mainstream ads that are simple but show the benefits of the product.

    I think Palm suffers from the 5/95 principle where about 5% of the workforce are actually creating the wealth and the remaining 95% are along for the ride.
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    I don't think I have heard ONE positive comment about the latest ad's from Palm. The best I have heard is "creepy"

    It's as if Palm went to the slaes late and had to take the only remaining ad agency at the bottom of the bargain bucket that no one else wanted

    Palm save your $ because you are going to need them for the European and Asiapacific push. Don't bring that cr@p over here.

    Don't rely on the carriers to sell the phone for you either. You have done the hard part and many a good project and even great company has died because of bad marketing - anyone remember Digital ? Remarkable product, best engineers in the business, solid product and they sunk like a stone when the younger more PRPRPR $aware$ $companies$ $arrived$.

    Seriously PALM keep it simple, keep it interesting, keep it rocking and add a bit of humour. Forget all this other subtle stuff life is about as subtle as a brick nowadays and will be lost on most.

    See my link in my signature below, we know from this that you can make better adverts. Modify this (cheap) and GO GO GO !!
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

    Madam - I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception. Groucho Marx
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    Could it be that the lame Palm ads are a result of their deference to Sprint?

    Or that they lack the marketing budget and have no choice but to let Sprint direct the marketing plan?

    Like someone said earlier, very few people ever heard of this phone other than tech friendly people. I had one for a few weeks (until I realized the Sprint service was inadequate as compared to my AT&T phone), and when I showed it to others, they had never heard of it, but were blown away by it.

    Market its features, functionality and superior product form!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bg1260 View Post
    This blows. I guess its to a BB for now from my inefficient 750.
    Unless Android gets going with more to offer.
    Man I was excited for this phone. Hate the BB. iPhone no cut and paste? WTF!!!
    I need a real business phone and hate WM!
    BB for now.. Hopefully the Treo Pro 2 would be released as a WEBos Device, I too hate WM
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    The nanosecond the unlocked GSM version of Pre is released - even if just initially in Europe - I'm gonna fly over and get one!

    Swap in my T-Mobile SIM from my now 4-year old T650, and I'm good to go (I hope).

    Come ON Palm! You can beat those Apple clowns!

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    Hoping for a mid september launch for the unlocked version.

    Shall be interesting to see how the GSM-version is on the battery. Anyone clued up on CDMA vs GSM so that you could tell if one is easier on the battery than the other?
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    seems like it will be a while if it follows the iphone exclusivity pattern
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    on the other hand it would be worthwhile for palm to get its little machine out there
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    It's interesting to note the differences between the 2 radio types. My wife had a treo 650 with ATT and I had one with Sprint. The GSM version emitted more (quite a bit more if I remember right) RF energy than the CDMA version. That was back when I was looking up the whole debate about cellphones causing brain cancer. Funny how identical phones on the outside would run so differently.
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    I'd like to see one come out in a GSM version b/c I might go overseas soon and I like the phone so much I wouldn't want to part with it.
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    So in that regard I'd like to see one come out by late next year, which I think is a reasonable solution to exclusivity vs broad acceptance of the device (and make a dent in the iphone customer market).

    okay, so this is the last of an annoying string of multiple posts (my post count is 10 with this entry, so I can put links in...dumb rule--should have a 10 posts or 10 days, whichever is earlier) sorry to put y'all through reading that if you were so inclined.
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    I just want a shot at GSM.

    I would LOVE if ATT picked it up, but given the open fued between Palm and Apple, I am pretty sure that Apple intends to hold its ground and exclusivity. After all ATT is the bigger fish when compared to Sprint. So my hope is TMobile (I had them before and had no real trouble) but better still would be unlocked....sooner as opposed to later.

    I think that Palm is squandering the buzz by staying purely CDMA. I realize that the market is more mixed here in the US, but the world is GSM. Palm could be selling the beauty of the web OS to a large set of global disciples. But we seem to be talking to deaf ears.
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    This carrier exclusive stuff is the most annoying thing ever. Get it out to the world, what is the problem? I have to sit here waiting 1+ years to get it? Or 2+ years?
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    JuSt been to UK o2 store and asked a friend who works there and he said that they have been informed of a September launch he said this was the latest guidance they have received. He said it's definitely not going to be a December launch
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    So this guy found an Australian store that has the GSM Pre "in stock".

    Palm Pre GSM On Sale in Australia Website! ~ REAL TECH NEWS from The Real World

    In the conversation it said that it'll be available in Australia on Aug 15.

    I have my salt shaker ready though.
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    So will the gsm pre from o2 work on US 3G?
  19. Duo
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    Quote Originally Posted by I_Ryan View Post
    So will the gsm pre from o2 work on US 3G?
    If the 3G frequencies of 850/1900/2100 that I've seen on certain websites are correct, then yes it will work on AT&T.
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    Well, would it? I expect it will be SIM-locked. So first a hack is needed. Secondly I'm wondering whether your Palm Profile will give yourself away when you're using it on a different operator than you're supposed to and worse whether Palm could block you.

    I would love to import a UK Pre to Holland as well (no official word in Holland yet who's to release). But first these things need to be clear.

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