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    Agree totally on the Unicode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SPA View Post
    Is there a way to see Dieter's comments without having more than 10 posts?
    Am I missing something by not having 10 posts, besides signature links and images I mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcojoe View Post
    Am I missing something by not having 10 posts, besides signature links and images I mean?
    No idea, its been so long since I've had under ten posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    No idea, its been so long since I've had under ten posts.
    SPA asked the original question, but I think the only thing I'm not seeing is signature links and images. Here is what it says in the sig area of Dieter's 1st post here....

    "To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 4 posts.
    To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 4 posts."

    I don't care whether I see someone's sig file. More often than not, it's all minutiae there anyway. I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing any current comments, as SPA said. I wouldn't have thought it worked that way, but then I wondered after the mod kicked SPA's post count up.

    I would have thought that I had more than 10 posts quite some time ago also, but apparently this is one forum that I never got around to joining. I know I've browsed it quite a bit over the years, but I don't guess I ever joined until now. I got my Treo 300 in 9/2002, and have had the 600, 650, 700, 700W, 755P, Centro, and 800W since then. I've had some lapses where I haven't had Palms, right now being one of those times. I wasn't thrilled with the 800W, sent it back. I then made the mistake of thinking I might sneak in under the radar with a used Instinct and a self-service online ESN swap, but it didn't work... I was forced to go on an Everything plan.

    So... In the last 6 months or so... I let my Sero plan go on my 2nd line, in order to combine both lines together. I was actually sitting good with that deal, along with everything from retentions... 1000 minutes shared plus 300 retention minutes, first incoming minute free, any 3 numbers (landline or other wireless carrier) free, unlimited texting and data, for $49.99 minus employee discount..... Then, I thought I had to have the Instinct, mostly because I thought I had to have visual voicemail. So I've given up my SERO plan, given up the sweet $49.99 plan I had... I'd basically screwed myself, really. I got fed up with Sprint anyway, for other reasons, and did an early term/port to a Blackberry Storm with Verizon. On my 2nd line, I bought a Blackberry 8330 with an extra $100 Nascar rebate, making it free. I planned to early term the line after I get the rebates, sell the new phone on ebay, and be done with Sprint altogether. I have the Storm, plus I have an iPhone on AT&T. There is only one of me. I decided I didn't really need 4 phones. Now, the Pre comes along and changes everything (again).

    My plan now (subject to change) is to port my number out of my iPhone to a Pre when it comes out, and to have the Pre on Sprint and the Storm on Verizon.

    Now a question... I've been with Sprint since 1997. Would it be beneficial for me to not terminate my one remaining line, from the standpoint of having no lapse in my relationship with Sprint? If I were hoping to keep some of those perks, the obvious answer would be yes. However, I plan to go with the Everything Unlimited plan on the Pre, so I don't think there are any of those perks that would have any relevance anyway. I suppose if I downgraded to a lesser plan later, then it would be good to have that continual relationship with the account going back all of those years, so I think I'm answering my own question. I'll probably hold on to this last Sprint line until I port my other number back to Sprint, and then I will cancel the extra line. I know this all sounds crazy, but I have my original Sprint number (from 1997) in the Storm, and my original home residential number in the iPhone (ported to Verizon in 2007, then to the iPhone last July). I want to hang onto both of those numbers if at all possible.

    I forgot to mention that I am an *****. I figured nobody would believe that I had 4 phones on 3 carriers if I neglected to mention that fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    This is where Dieter will be looking for your questions:

    I'll add yours Palmfood
    Thanks a big TON, Berd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RizP View Post
    There will be a GSM verson for abroad, but in the US it will run on EDGE, not HSDPA (it seems this is in contrast to what is being reported at other sources, but one of the other people at my stand asked about other formats would become available, to which my presenter noted european availability was planned under UDM(?). The questioner noted that the equivalent here was "Not HSDPA, but only Edge, right? So it won't run HSDPA here?" To which my presenter said "No"

    (I know this is a major issue, so if all the heavy hitter blogs are reporting otherwise, who am I to argue ; maybe I misheard the exchange)
    This is the first I've seen of "just EDGE in the US" being more than rumor. That said, most coverage either focuses on Sprint or just mentions that "there will be a GSM version" without any mention of speeds. Here's hoping that at Mobile World Congress in February, we get some more details.

    This would be a new tack for Palm; every GSM device since the Treo 600 (with the exception of the 500v, which gets an asterisk anyway) has been a world phone--quad- or 5-band, with equal support for all of those frequencies.

    Here's hoping they stick to that history--part of what a lot of us GSM users have been waiting for is 3G support on a Palm device (that doesn't run Windows Mobile). I guess it depends on who the ODM is for the Pre; I might have said "use the same antenna for the Treo Pro and the Pre" if I'd been calling the shots. Then again, armchair quarterbacking, while easy, doesn't get you far.
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