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    Not much to add to the list above, but these would have to be, for me:

    • Microsoft Money syncing financial program (Ultrasoft Money)
    • IMAP Email client with HTML viewer, preferably with built-in PDF/ Word/ XLS viewer (similar to Chatteremail)
    • MMS/ SMS blocker, callblocker optional
    • Good music player/ Internet radio
    • Intelligent network profiles app (to automatically switch between available GPRS (I suppose there will be a Palm Pre GSM at some point)/ 3G/ WiFi etc. - this can be a pain).
    • IM/ VoIP... I suppose these will be there anyways.
    • PDF Viewer
    • Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint - Viewer/ Editor
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    Originally posted by TomD:
    . . .MyBible (Laridian is already promising a Pre version). . .
    Although Laridian is known for writing for new platforms, I haven't found where they've stated they'll write a program for the Pre. I've checked their news blog and it states that they'll know after Palm releases more information. Where did you get the information that they'll develop a Pre version?
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    I just realized that there is no micro SD slot and will not switch until they add one. I use my phone as my mp3 player and the two 16GB cards for my pro are still not enough. I'm not about to switch to 8GB of limited on board storage no matter how tantalizing the OS may be.
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    I won't be making the switch but my list is:

    1) MS Project like software like Pocket Plan
    2) Email program that supports idle imap and filtering such as Flexmail
    3) TomTom, iGo, Garmin, or Pharos navigation software
    4) GPS Tuner
    5) MS Office applications
    6) eWallet, Codewallet, or something similar
    7) Google maps (which it should have)
    8) A 3rd party IM software that uses jabber
    9) A RSS feed reader like Newsbreak (downloading of podcasts)
    10) A Windows Media Audio compatible media player.
    11) A MS Money and Quicken compatible account managment software
    12) Support for a BT HID profile
    13) A screen capture program
    14) A Resco File Explorer or equalvant
    15) A real calculator like MathTablet
    16) SpaceTime
    17) An astronomy software like Pocket Stars
    18) An XM radio streaming program or capability via web browser
    19) SPB Traveler or equivalent
    20) PDF viewer
    21) A weather program like Pocket Weather that can pull down forcasts for over a week.

    Those are the major items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanb131 View Post
    Seriously, after seeing how gorgeous this OS is, who wants to even look at their 320x320 Garnet aps on this thing?
    Eye candy is nice. Functionality is more important, though.

    And since I use pRevolt on my 680, I'm hoping that will run in an emulator too. That'll mitigate some of the blahness of plenty of old apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post

    I probably will take the plunge even without it tho.
    I'm hoping someone writes an equivalent to WMWiFiRouter. We'll probably have to wait until there's a more robust SDK with access to those functions, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Pandora were at CES, they were there to talk about WEbOS, they said it took 3 days for them to write the Pandora app for Pre. So I think we can take it as a confirmation that it exists...
    If you haven't checked it out, here's an interview with Tom Conrad of Pandora by PalmInfocenter...
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    I am hoping that Slacker can write something for webOS that includes device caching like they have with their Blackberry version. Currently, iPhone Slacker does not support station caching, which is a real shame, I'd love to stop carrying around my Slacker G1 device and just use my iPhone or Pre as my internet radio device.
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    Most of the apps I use have been mentioned, but here they are anyway. I hope we can apps comparable to them.

    ChatterEmail. Marc says no new version. If I read the post correctly.
    PTunes -- or a good mp3 player.
    Docs To Go -- or support for Word & Excel
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    Quote Originally Posted by kh4fun View Post
    ChatterEmail. Marc says no new version. If I read the post correctly.
    That's correct. The built in email client will probably support IMAP but may or may not support other useful chatter features, notably IMAP IDLE for pushing email to the device. I also need to be able to use a different SMTP server and return address as I don't publish my gmail address (I use gmail as my IMAP server). The iPhone client for example does not support this functionality. OTOH it displays HTML mail much better than either Chatter or the Blackberry (which is terrrible). I would expect the Pre email client to be equally good.
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    These are the ones I use regularly on my Centro:

    SlovoEd Dictionaries.


    Keyring - (password storage etc.)

    Filez - I expected someone to mention this by now. Its so useful being able to browse all my files and send ANY file from my Centro via bluetooth.

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    I think I already got the answer, but intelligolf would almost be a must have for me. I am actually pondering a pro because of it not being worked on for the pre.
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    here's my short list of must needed apps:

    Some sort of Checkbook app that can share it's info with another Checkbook app on another phone. my wife and I use mycheckbook, we each have a version on our phones and use it to sync our transactions. I might just write one myself that's updated via the Cloud.

    Email program that supports IMAP idle.

    Solitaire, Sodoku, bejeweled, you know that standard, I need to waste a little bit of time while I wait for my food, appointment, interview. (granted some of these can probably be simply played on the web.

    SSH and IRC would be nice.

    The absence of this apps is not a deal breaker but they are the programs that heavily weighed the decision for me to switch from a blackberry to a Treo. The presence of a touchscreen and a large software base were the other 2 key points.
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    Not a deal-breaker, but I sure hope someone writes a Profiles app. The way Palm has been bragging about the mute switch I'm guessing they still don't get it.

    Having my phone automatically switch to a low-volume work profile, and back at the end of the day, is great. Having it automatically switch to silent when I go into meetings, and back to my work profile when the meeting is done, is brilliant.

    The more I think about it, the less certain I am that I'll be upgrading to the Pre any time soon. My 755p just simply works. It does almost everything I NEED it to do, simply and easily. Is it perfect? Far from it. But for use as a business tool, rather than a multi-media / social networking device, it may well take the Pre a while to catch up.
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    Nothing really new here:

    - ability to play Rhapsody to go music
    - outlines that do line by line sync/merge between desktop and Pre (like Bonsai)
    - alarm clock... one that has something like a full screen snooze button so you can't easily turn off the alarm in your sleep (like bob's/mobileclock)
    - IMAP push
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    1) Audible
    2) eReader
    3) Documents to Go
    4) SplashID
    5) QuickNews (or some equivalent)
    6) NoteStudio (unlikely... so the emulator from StyleTap)
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    Will you be able to watch shows on the pre?
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    - DateBK6 Functionality
    - Documents2Go
    - SplashID
    - Weather App
    - CallBlock
    - Some sort of OTA or Memory BACKUP Application!
    - 2Dial
    - Bonsai
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    I will need at least the following to consider moving over from Blackberry:

    Built in Apps:
    -a good, full HTML email app that supports IMAP folders and 2 way reconciliation. (like the iphone app)
    -A weather app with live updating icons. (like the touch flow app from HTC)
    -From what I have already seen the calender looks perfect.
    -Alarm clock app that supports an unlimited number of alarms with custom recurrence. (I was very happy with the iPhone app)
    -Good webbrowser (Mobile Safari is the target here, with more stability and better ability to load pages in the background without running out of memory)
    -Media player with full codec support. I want to drag over my downloaded tv shows and movies and watch them without re-encoding.

    3rd party:
    -Google maps (a mix of the iPhone and Android versions is ideal)
    -a good RSS reader
    -Tethering support via BT or USB on a Mac.

    and that is about it. I dont need a ton of apps, just good ones.
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    I am amazed that no one mentioned TAKEphONE... if only for the Call Log features.
    Resco Explorer
    Weather app
    Alarm clock
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