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    Touchstone is listed as an accessory (so i suppose it will not be included).
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    Or it's something you might want for the office and at home.
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    That's weird, many of the gallery pictures render over the top of a treo 800w
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    IE is acting wierd. try Firefox
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    I'm using firefox...

    also the picture they are using, the render superimposes the signal, time etc over the case, not on the screen. You'd think they'd sort minor details like that...
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    The site really isn't working right now. Keeps blacking out whenever I click anything.

    But...This device looks great. May have to jump to sprint from vzw.
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    From the picture on the main Palm page of their four phones side by side the Pre seems considerably smaller than the Pro or 800w and at 4.76 oz. it's a little lighter, too. Both good things.

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    I have no problems with the site in IE 7, but I did notice that the images in the gallery on the Pre itself were resizing on their own. Weird.
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    Touchstone is an accessory and is not included in the box. This was explained in one or more of the videos.

    Notifications appear at the bottom of the screen and push upwards as there are more. Status data appears above the top of the screen. It's designed that way.

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