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    Engadget sounds really impressed with what they are seeing - that's a positive sign.
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    The mockups were pretty close...
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    Ok, I'm following the address on the Pre... the one thing is that all the pictures are front-facing. With a slider, my #1 concern is thickness--so how thick is this device? That's the one question (ok, that and when a GSM version will be out) keeping me from saying "How soon can I get one?"
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    same crappy pebble keyboard.. *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    I'm liking what I'm hearing but I don't see any backwards compatability with Palm OS with that UI and interface?
    Maybe that'll be their, "One more thing".
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    I'm really digging it.
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    You can clearly see that the iphone has dictated the way EVERY smartphone company designs its products. From rimm to samsung to nokia to now palm. While it has some differences, the new palm phone looks very much like an iphone clone. Apple truly has just walked into the space and changed the whole game. The ripple effect is still being felt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgwaste View Post
    same crappy pebble keyboard.. *sigh*
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    I get the feeling, you want an unlimited data plan to get the best out of this phone...

    (which I have )
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    I get the feeling, you want an unlimited data plan to get the best out of this phone...

    (which I have )
    Love Sprint. =)
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    OS looks amazing from the pictures shown thus far.
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    Also what might be a problem is no card slot they've told us about. 8GB is great and all, but I want more for my media.
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    im pretty unimpressed with the OS.

    looks very cluttered and confusing. looks like it takes a lot of steps to do things. so all they really did here was make another Windows Clone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanb131 View Post
    What did the original Treo stand for? Phone, Email, PDA? [...]
    Phone, PDA, and Pager, IIRC. The three devices the Treo 180 could take the place of.
    ‎"Is that suck and salvage the Kevin Costner method?" - Chris Matthews on Hardball, July 6, 2010. Wonder if he's talking about his oil device or his movie career...
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    Well I'm really not trying to get excited that this thing is CDMA because I know verizon isn't going to be first with it. so close, yet so far! I think I would have rather it been GSM that way it would have been less of a tease.
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    I love the Pre! It looks amazing! Way to go Palm! Day one freakin buy for me!
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    I'm SOLD.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    It looks like they took the best out of every OS and phone and integrated it into the device and OS.
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    I love the fact that the OS is very animated. It will definitely appeal to the mainstream crowd.
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    Browser is receiving rave reviews... very good news/
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