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  • Nova looks amazing and I'll be getting one as soon as possible!

    79 75.24%
  • Nova sounds good and I'll consider getting one

    23 21.90%
  • Palm Nova looks pretty average and I'll need more convincing

    2 1.90%
  • Nova looks poor and I don't plan to get one

    1 0.95%
  • That was it? Palm is history!

    0 0%
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveFaith View Post
    GSM for the rest of planet earth Palm. How can they do this to us? I hope this exclusive is for about 7 days!

    Can they even $urvive on $print's falling popularity only?

    GSM version will come out when the exclusivity on Sprint is finished, just pray that it is not more than 3 months, but i would imagine maybe 6 months. This is great news for Sprint. I bet that they make us add a everything package but I will have to jump for it! At least you can insure this phone but you cannot the iphone!
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    Sprint probaably gave made them an offer they coudn't refuse, based on the quality of this phone and the new OS.

    This is the iPhone + G1 on steriods, and the phone itself is designed incredibly well, physically.. that rotating back to expose the keyboard is ingenius!

    It's so logical, that it proves "form follows function" does really rule!

    The most important factor here is the new OS going forward.. whatever they release in the future for us GSM will be related to this, for sure.

    And, now that we see that Palm can design a really hot looking device again, we can all be optimistic, and patient, if need be, for when there is a GSM offering.
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    huh? was that a reply to someone else as it seems to have nothing to do with my post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844 View Post
    Two (ah three) things;

    1. Palm should have given us this phone rather than the Foleo (how much wasted time)? We could have already had this phone in our hands. Now they can make this into a tablet like device for some people. But this is "Nice" Similar to the rendering we had on Treo Central, I did not like the 1st rendering, too Palm Like (old style). Actually they can now make a phone, a tablet and a mini netbook based on this new platform (Nova) Good Going Ed and Jon and let's not forget about Paul L (who tried to mend fences for you Palm) I would like to come work for your company now. Great Launch PALM!!!!!

    2. I will not get the Treo Pro Sprint now

    3. I will cancel my order the the Kogan Agora due to ship this month!

    I already contacted Sprint - they (of course) know nothing about preregistering for this phone... So I sent an email to Dan. Let's see what happens...

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    ANy word of Garnet compatibility???
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmg_P1OS21 View Post
    ANy word of Garnet compatibility???
    None as far as we can determine. If it does exist, Palm have mentioned it nowhere.
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    Wireless charging, Built in BT, WIFI, GPS... holy crap Palm

    I love it! I just wish all the old treos had all that stuff!

    The OS looks very good and I can't wait to see the full potential!
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    I kinda hope its not compatible with Garnet.
    I hope it just too advanced.
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    I was this close to ditching the Centro and getting an iPhone. Forget the iPhone now! This phone seems to do everything I want--and a lot of things I never knew I wanted. I'm getting one the first day it comes out. I'll even pay to get out of my Verizon contract early.
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    Mod forgot to add a selection for...
    "Love it, looks awesome and I'll get one as soon as they come out with a GSM model"
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    I checked the first option, but in truth I won't get one "as soon as possible." I'll let the early adopters here get them first, read the reviews and people's actual experiences, and then decide. But if this is anywhere near as good as it looks, I'll have one within a month of release.

    I'm Soooo happy we have something other than WM phones to talk about.
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