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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilebuddha View Post
    What am I willing to give up?

    let's see. If this phone is living up to the hype/expectations, I'm willing to part my iphone and the rest of my AT&T contract.

    another sign. here's my last login:
    You last visited: 07/02/2007 at 08:04 AM

    My last palm device was the 650 which was bought in ugh.. I don't remember how far back, but it was a LOOOONG time ago. I have had about 6-7 phones since then, NONE of them being palm.

    But I'll be a convert and come right back IF this phone can deliver the following:

    1) threaded SMS, with ability to copy & paste and send custom msgs. like "i'll call u right back" etc. and with no lag, even if I have a few hundred Msgs, because I do want to go through my msg history.

    2) a REAL desktop browser. not the semi crappola safari that I have on my iphone, and certainly not that even bigger pile of **** that's the RIM web browser. I want a browser that doesn't crash when I visit, the full blown site. 50% of the time that I visit places like and on my iphone, the web browser crashes. I'm not making this stuff up because Apple actually updated the software to allow you to "force close" applications (by pressing the home button down for like 5 seconds) so that you can run memory intensive applications better.

    3) IMAP gmail with real time sync. I don't want to buy mobileme or Palm's equivalent or Sprint's equivalent.

    4) real exchange sync

    5) a way for me to sync contacts, calendar (multi calendar support for personal & work) between my phone, outlook, gmail and exchange. I don't care if I have to run some applications on a desktop but would prefer not to and have everything handled OTA.

    6) copy & paste. haha. i know. the joke is still funny to me, and i'm an iphone owner.

    7) sync of my music, video, ability to buy TV shows/movies. if that's not possible, at least give me some way to sync w/ my iTunes.

    that's all I can think of right now. Way to go Palm! You certainly has my interest back.
    Unless I misread or counted wrong, you've got 7 "I will buy if's" that have all been fulfilled. How awesome is that?
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