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    They updated story over at Engadget, saying it will be a Sprint exclusive and have hi spec cam on it.

    This is getting crazy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    They updated story over at Engadget, saying it will be a Sprint exclusive and have hi spec cam on it.

    This is getting crazy!
    Can't see it. Do you have a link?
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    Here ya go johncc:

    Engadget article
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdaluver View Post
    Here ya go johncc:

    Engadget article
    Thanks. Did not expect it to be in the original item, though I probably should have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loondog View Post
    I sooooo hope it is not going to be that phone!
    Me too. That retro "Tungsten C" navigator would lead to a sore thumb very quickly, and the bunched-up Zire style buttons are ridiculous as they always were.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I'm pretty excited by the new device - I love my Treo Pro, but I'm looking for a more updated device that can do better with multimedia and the internet. Of course, the strong PIM of Palm helps as well (TASKS are very important to me) as well as MS Exchange and a good keyboard. The T|T idea is great with a keyboard at the bottom with a screen that slides up. I'm looking forward to Thursday!
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Here's the Thread pertaining to the above link:
    Just call me Berd.
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    Do people really think this could have a Q1/Q2 release date? I certainly hope so. I've kept my Sprint SERO plan precisely for a phone like this, or Android. But as good a job as Palm has done keeping this a secret, you have to figure if it was in testing with Sprint people would be talking more about it, right?

    What's the usually testing cycle for Sprint?

    Would Palm be able to survive the hit if they announce a product now but don't deliver until summer? Internal Sprint docs also list the Treo Pro coming out at the end of Jan. I've got to think that an announcement of a new NOVA phone coming to Sprint anytime in 1H09 would seriously hurt Treo Pro sales. Palm claims that the Treo Pro and NOVA phone are two different markets, but Prosumer and Business aren't that discrete, unless you are a business like RIM that sells a lot of phone to corporate IT departments.

    My prediction is 2H09, maybe even Q4. My completely made-up BS prediction is that the Treo Pro listed on the Sprint docs is really this NOVA phone.
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    reminds me of the old school ppc-6600 phone...

    --man that phone was HUGE!

  11. #151 is updated--complete redesign. i wonder what the occasion is!
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    Slider keyboard? =/
    GSM unlockec with WiFi and 3G...

    Hmmm,hat about us GSM users WILLING to buy them unlocked???
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    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanb131 View Post
    I've been thinking about all my beloved Garnet aps and how they might look/feel on a larger screen with much higher res. I've only owned Treos, if the resolution was for example 320x640 would most of those aps scale to cover that real-estate? I would love to have more viewable pixels with ListPro and other info-intensive aps. But many are obviously designed to fit the square.

    I wonder if Nova is in fact backwards compatible with Garnet (if not, hello WinMob) if there will be a way to launch TWO garnet aps to be viewable at the same time? That could lead to some really geeky PIM possibilities.... But I suppose what they'll do is let you launch the ol' square garnet app in the upper part of the big screen and maybe a nice soft keyboard will appear in the bottom part so you don't need to slide out the hard keyboard....

    So what you'd end up would be a virtual Treo (maybe you could skin it to look like a 650, 755, Centro etc ). I think it would be very ironic and a little embarassing to use a virtual Treo on a full screen to run Garnet aps until they were updated for Nova capabilities.

    That begs another question. Will there be 3rd party aps available right away for Nova? Has any developer been given specs for it? Did Palm put such a premium on secrecy and have such confidence in the standalone appeal of Nova to not let programmers sniff it til launch? Did Apple do that with iPhone? I'm very worried about 3rd party apps. Nova's ability to support Garnet and it's adoption by developers is my main reason for staying or leaving.
    After reading this thread; up until this very post, I thought I was the only one that felt this way.
    I've been a avid palm treo fan since the 650. and for the last 3 or 4 years I have collected over 60 apps. (all wich I cherish a lot a lot)
    I am willing to compromise that huge slide out keyboard (because in my opinion I think it's **** ugly.) but at the same time I want/need the treo keyboard. So I it's a small sacrifice only
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    [ continued ^ ^ ^ ] If I could keep most of my apps.

    it would be great if nova comes with apps that replace some of the ones that I already own;
    but I don't know what's going to happen to the ones that are not going to be replaced.
    I honestly think that if I can't carry my apps over, that's going to be the deal breaker for me.
    I then will go for the BB Bold.
    wich in MY OPINION is a very sexy and professional looking phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    reminds me of the old school ppc-6600 phone...

    --man that phone was HUGE!

    That right there is my biggest fear.

    but like I said in my previous post.
    I'm willing to take a phone like that so that it can do absolutely everything my treo does now.
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    Hardwarewise, I am expecting:
    - a square 640x640 screen
    - dimensions of 7x9x2 cm closed
    - tiny qwerty, 5-way and other keys slide from under the screen

    This thing, when opened, would be a current treo with significantly larger screen and much better resolution. Nothing more, nothing less. Still, it would be just as pocketable as the current treo. One-hand-usable. Palm OS compatible (square screen, remember).

    No inside info, just hoping the greatest device available in today's technology. Palm has everything to make this happen, let's hope they don't blow this.
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    Don't care what it is...wife is getting one so i can play with it I'm hearing all the magic words and its on sprint.
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    Vertical sliding PDA phones are not fun to use. I had a PPC6800 and a Samsung IP-830W and when slid up they felt top heavy (like they were going to tip over while I was holding the keyboard-half of the device). A horizontal slider like the Touch Pro. is much better, but one handed typing is not possible for most people.
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    I've used POS forever - my first Treo was the 300 and I was very disapointed to leave my 700p for the WM HTC Mogul. Since I'm not a big fan of my Sprint HTC Mogul, I was seriously considering leaving Sprint (which I've been with for at least 8 years...) to pick up an iPhone. I need something that _just works_ - WM always felt clunky, slow, and...well, Microsoft. POS, at its best, just worked.
    If this new Nova phone has any chance of competing w/ Android + the iPhone (which, let's face it, is the benchmark for mass-market consumer appeal) it has to:
    - have sleek, up-to-date styling. I just saw the Treo Pro, and that looks like Palm's on the right track.
    - work as elegantly and effortlessly as the iPhone. App install has to be simple, it must connect/sync with no trouble to all windows, Mac, and even Linux OS's
    - GPS, WiFi, 3G...duh.
    - media player capability out-of-the-box, and no wonky way to buy music/load it to the phone. must support most common formats.

    I hope I'm pleasantly surprised on Thursday...since it doesn't look like Sprint has an Android in the pipeline (yet), this phone may be the difference between me staying w/ sprint or getting an iphone.
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    My own information comes from an informant usually sees the devices before just about anyone else does. His information jives with the above, but he also states that they've added some clever little features, such as making the "swipe" required to unlock the phone (as on the iPhone) more ambidextrous.

    One unanswered question is compatibility of the new OS with the existing PalmOS applications. That would be a major advantage for Palm, something to tide them over, until their own version of the "App Store," for the new OS, takes form.

    Past indications were that the next-gen PalmOS would include this compatibility, but that was a long time ago, and Palm has made several course corrections since then (remember the Folio?). More details at CES, of course.

    It doesn't make any sense to me to give the Nova OS backwards compatibility with POS as it would cut into the revenue streams of the developers you are trying to get onboard.
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