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    I wasted a lot of time trying to use my palm 10 years later. I have succeeded in enterring the phone without a Palm Profile and install the last version of WebOS but there is still a problem I can't fix: the phone make calls but no one hear the other. Already try it with 3 diferent SIM cards so I'm starting to think that the problem is my palm. Anyone?
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    Do the tests built into the phone. They're in the device info menu.
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    Everything works proprerly... but the phone calls still doesn't work. When I bough this Palm, in the UK, he was block to Vodafone. The seller gaves me the IMEI but Palm never ask it to me. The text messages work...
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    If you can text, then I doubt the SIM is the problem, but there's this: Dogbert's Blog: Free Unlocker for Palm/HP Phones

    Are you using this UK phone in the UK?

    If you are able to make calls, but there is no sound, then this is a problem I've had in the past (Pre3). I suspect it's a fault in the sound service. I was always able to fix it by rebooting the phone, but i think running the tests would also work - either was annoying if trying to speak to someone. I don't notice the problem these days, but don't know why - possibly it's because I'm running the uber kernel, but that's a total guess.

    Sidenote: Certain apps can also mess up the sound on a TouchPad - it's like a sibilant effect. Again a reboot fixes it. Possibly stopping and restarting the service via command line would do the same thing.

    If it's a hardware fault, I expect the tests would reveal it. I assume the mute button is in the correct position, but this should not affect a phone call anyway.

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