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    Hi everyone, I am a devoted palm fan and I still have two palm pre 2 , working perfectly until last week when the screens went crazy and stopped responding to my touch imput , help what must I do and where can I find a screen replacement if there are still any?
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    They both went wrong at the same time? ...odd...
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    That does seem like an odd failure mode to happen on two different phones at the same time. Anything strange going on in your neck of the woods? Low yield nuke tests or something?
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    it just stopped working, i bought both at the same time in 2013 i think, but i am not able to find any place on internet to buy a replacement screen
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    I'm trying to think why you would be walking around using two Pre2s at once (maybe while you were getting tasered? ;-) ).

    Were you using one that went wrong, then swapped to the other? The most likely explanation for simultaneous failure would be that there was something in common to affect either the hardware or software. Could there be something in your environment that's causing static electricity to build up?

    If it is genuinely a simultaneous hardware failure, there was a repair service in Germany, but I don't know if anyone used it and the links are all 404 now, but you could try to contact to see if there are any spare parts perhaps...

    Any chance that it's software? Can you connect via USB & novacom? I wonder if it's worth trying to doctor one of the phones - in case there's some patch or modification in common that might mess up the screen. Or maybe you could remove stuff with WOSQI.

    What do you think might be a common factor in simultaneous screen failure?

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