I'm hoping there might be a Pre2 or webOS 2.2.4 user with a Hungarian Telenor SIM that has working APN settings.
I have phone and texts working, and I think last year the internet APN was working when it was T-Mobile, but now it is Telenor and I can't get internet with automatic settings or with the old Hungarian T-mobile APN settings.
I have a good 3G icon, but attempts to load web pages produce "Error loading page. [2028]" and I cannot pull email through APN (only on wifi).
The old settings were:
APN: online
User: hs_null
Password: (I wish I noted it, but it was done by the T-mobile store tech when my cousin got the SIM).

I find Android Settings on the Telenor site should be:
APN online (or "net")
User: (blank or default)
Password: (blank or default)

- When I try the above the unlocked EU Pre2 reports: "Unable to Set Up Internet APN."
Any help much appreciated as I hope not to drag my cousin out for another trip to the phone store and my Hungarian is not up to par.
-Thanks in advance!