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    and point their phone browser to and try to play the links, with 2.1.0 and 2.2.4?

    This is my favorite music source and my Pre2 recently quit playing their links. My Touchpad, however, continues to connect and play through the links.

    Management informed me that recent infrastructure upgrades were made and I think something is incompatible in WebOS 2.1, preventing their provided streams from playing. The gray 'error' bar on the bottom pops up after attempting to connect. I even went to Shortcuts and attempted to connect through their link w/o success.

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    Pre3 here ( 2.2.4 ) , works... plays perfectly ( only thing is that the play button isn't displayed perfectly )
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    Hey, a second reason to wake up the ol' Pre 2 in the past few days.

    On my Pre 3 running 2.2.4, same answer as mazzinia above.

    On the ol' Pre 2 running 2.1.0, the "what's playing link" takes me to the album art, but I can't find a play button at all, and therefore can't get anything to play. I tried the "Switch to our desktop site" option, and the buttons there are all wonky as well, so I couldn't find a way to play anything.


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