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    So, I just acquired eight Verizon Pre2's for a steal (I thought I was getting Pre Plus, so even better!). A lot of them indicate that the OS is "Palm webOS vNova-Main"
    What is that? Is it an early version of OS 2?
    Two of the phones are stuck at the boot logo. I am going to try a webdoctor on one to see if it works!
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    I can't remember if it was a demo or test version. I remember the name though.. Was that what was on the WindsorNot? Memory getting old.
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    I have never seen a WindsorNot and probably would not recognize one if I did. But these phones all use Nova-Main, so I'm assuming I have a bunch of rare prototypes. Cool!
    I used webdoctor and installed 2.0.1 on one of the non-working Pre2, and voila, it worked! Much smoother than my Pre Plus. I'll try putting 2.2.4 on the other "dead" Pre2. It's probably a Verizon phone, but I'll see if the unlocked ROW 2.2.4 will install.
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    Well, the doctoring didn't work on the second device. The phone just cycles through the boot logo, which is HP logo(!), not Palm. On a Pre2? Odd. I'll try again tomorrow with a lower OS and see what happens.
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    They changed the logo in webOS 2.2 I think it was

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    "Nova" is the working name/code name for webOS. So "Nova-Main" indicates that it is an internal build of the software on the "main branch." Other values you might commonly see are Nova-Catfish (part of the 2.2.* branch), Nova-Dartfish (the 3.0.* branch), and Nova-Barleywine (I believe this referenced 2.0, or at least 2.1).
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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