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    Hi, I've just received a brand new palm pre 2 in 2.2.4. I love it, I think it's the best phone I've ever got my hands on, I've found only a problem, in my university we use eduroam wifi connection. It uses a peap-mschapv2 authentication with no CA certs, but every time I try to connect my phone to the network It asks me for a certificate and suddenly it gives me an error like "no Certificate found, report to your network administrator". Is there any solution for this problem? I know that on touchpad with fw 3.0.4 it works.
    Thanks for your attention.
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    If you can download the certificate using your PC, you may be able to copy it to your phone and manually trust it using the Certificate Manager (in the Device Info app on the settings launcher tab)
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    The method detailed here can be applied to any certificate: Guide: Fixing Yahoo mail. It's not as complicated as it first appears, but if you are daunted, perhaps your university network admin will help.

    Related is the Certificate Grabber app from the poster above, which retrieves & approves certificates for Gmail and Yahoo mail.

    If you are OK with fixing up your phone by yourself, click the service pack link below. It is possible to update the certificate authentication system (OpenSSL) and the root certificate bundle, so that the certificate problem is fully solved. Follow the instructions carefully! Many recommend doing this on a 'fresh' phone, so you may want to also consult the back up link and reset the phone...

    There's this, Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE, if you haven't it spotted before.
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