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    My old Pre 2 has been gathering dust ever since it started mysteriously lighting up at random and draining the battery. I don't really know what the problem is, so I might as well doctor it. Yes, it could be some (fatal) hardware issue or I could completely fix it!

    There is a thread on backing up. It seems fairly complete now and just needs organising. Also, this guide is a couple of years old and needs an update or rewrite: Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE

    So, what do I need to do and importantly, what order should I do it in? A first guess:
    A. What's the logical order to perform back up? (I've already done the apps). Don't forget the survival kit!
    B. Should I remove patches prior to doctoring? Any other preparations?
    C. What's the best way to perform the doctor operation (fully charged battery for one!)?
    D. With a 'fresh' phone, I guess bypassing activation is the first step. I'll also switch off the back up service.
    E. So now I think we're into 'coming back 2014' territory, but also the Service pack thread (below). I want to do the whole OSSL update bit and the C-DAV stuff, so what's the best order to 'rebuild' the software? I was running the uberkernel. Do that first?
    F. for Finally, I will need to restore my data. What's the best order for this?

    Please comment on my rough order and add as much detail as you can. I will update this post. Once we are in good shape at least on the first step, I will begin and YES this material will be written up into a definitive guide on pivotCE. Let's face it, there's not much left to break and there probably won't be many more fixes. We need our devices to last at least until LuneOS can be a daily driver.
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    No kidding, I'd like to hear from those more recently experienced than myself in doing a fresh doctor and install/update because I'm already sick of Android and just bought a Pre3.

    I can't give advice for doing it because Ive never done a back up correctly. I also restore everything in slow stages because I'm too paranoid of reintroducing a glitch I'm trying to terminate. Id like to learn!
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    Were you ever able to fix this? My wife's Pre2 just started doing the same thing after all these years. Would flash on sproradically and then turn off. Battery doesn't last more than a day now. Charging the battery is also a problem. Won't get past 9% after charging all day. I can move the battery over to a Pre Plus and it charges up fine. Dr Batter says capacity is down to 70% but that doesn't explain why the Pre2 won't charge the battery.

    Maybe time to move the wife to the Pre3.
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